Monday, June 22, 2009

A Run down.....

So much has been happening here! Brian has the opportunity to learn all this new 'stuff' at work so he can go to all these places and help them do whatever it is they need to do with this language or something. I know the details are vague, but it's going to be a really neat opportunity. And, with him working on this new language, 5 days of work a week are a temporary blessing for us. Just in time, I tell ya! Tithing, service.... I know that we have been put in the Lord's hands and he is taking care of us as He sees fit. He also is on a break from school. Hoo-ee! I love it!
We've entered, or rather Brian has entered, the world of Netflix. We were trying to catch a movie, and it wasn't anywhere to be found. Lo and behold Netflix had it so we signed up for a free trial. Brian hooked up his computer to the projecter and voila! An in-home movie a-la instantaniously. He's jazzed about this instant thing, so yesterday we watched another movie with the kids. It is kinda funny watching him get excited about things I can actually understand. This technology is very simple. His work and all the languages on computers? Indefinite static is all I seem to hear with a little word 'and then' or something inbetween.
Chloe and Eva have been having lots of fun at the local parks so far. Chloe seems to be making friends every time we go. That's wonderful for me to see. Eva is still infatuated with the swings. Gabe swings in the baby swings right now. That's his little world. Chloe is reading Junie B. Jones and is loving the trouble she gets in to. I still can't believe she reads so well. It is truly a gift of hers. I didn't have to teach her much. Eva wrote her name all by herself the other day. Now we're on to dad, mom, and other names to practice. She's very proud of herself and we're excited to see her excited about doing school time with a smile. In just a few more months she'll be 4. That's crazy. She's got her theme already picked out: Tinkerbell. I think her last birthday was Mariposa, so we're staying with the fairy thing I think. Gabriel is crawling like a monster right now. He alternates between styles of crawling so his legs don't get rug burned as much ( i think). He'll make a break for any electric thing he can touch. Especially Brians things. Brian can't remember the other kids constantly touching his things. I do, but I just smile and remind him that you have to really pick up to keep him out of these things. Poor dad has a lot on his plate. Gabriel is still a toothless wonder. A cranky toothless wonder of late so I'm hoping things start popping out soon! For all our sakes!
The weather has been beautiful and we've got lots planned for the summer. Happy days of Summer!!!