Thursday, August 28, 2008

A tribute to Manzanit-ians...

So. I haven't blogged in a while. Yes, things are getting rather busy this direction with baby coming and all. I faintly saw the nursery all put together the other day.... I faintly saw me actually having three kids the other day with the two girls helping the best they know how. I still cannot believe how much stuff I've just come into owning for this new little boy I have more clothes than I know what to do with right now -- or have storage totes for. I have an entirely 'new' crib set complete with room rug and everything that was just handed over to me by someone. How incredibly awesome. I have been seriously blessed with support from friends out here who are trying to help me figure out how to 'be' out here, and have a baby, and deal with new child jealousy. I know that even though my family is far I've got like 10 people on a ''phone call away from help,'' list. It's like it's another world for us here - one that is working quite well and in many respects is better than what we were in before - it brings peace of mind at times- like now for example B can work 20 min away and earn the money that makes the world go around while people are a couple houses away or a phone call and 5 minutes away or something like that. And I'm able to do things for them too, so I don't feel like I'm just a 'taker' and not a 'user'. I feel like its almost a HUGE campus knowing all these sisters in the area who have and are willing to do so much to help each other out. I appreciate having such good friends out here who are willing to put up with a silly anal retentive person like me. Thanks to all you 'Manzanitians' and others! I seriously COULD NOT have done this well without you.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Quarter of a Century, now....

My carrot cake cupcakes, that the girls and daddy decorated.. Eva was red, Chloe was blue, and Brian was the happy face. The candles were provided by my friend, Caleen. (She made a scrumptious dessert / fruit pizza for me. It was needless to say, on my eye level shelf in the fridge for convenient snacking for the next two days until it was gone!

Here is me in all my happy glory... I know the smile is precious isn't it? lol How are you supposed to look normal and pregnant at the same time? I always look upset unless I'm super-cheesin' it!

The birthday went well, and Brian got cards that made me cry- of course! He even got one from Baby Gabe. It was so incrediby sweet of him!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Daddy's to do list...

So - a few of you might know we've had to talk to our girls about boys kissing them lately. Yes, we've had to talk to our 4yr old and our almost 3 yr old about who can and cannot kiss them. After watching a 9 or 10 year old kiss my 4yr old and look at me with anxst realizing he'd been caught, I talked to her about it and the conversation left me with much worry. It went something like this. "I saw the boy kiss you, Chloe" As she shys her head and smiles ear to ear
"I SEE EVERYTHING!" I reaffirm *to myself as well as to her
"Did you HEAR him kiss me?" She asks.
That was enough. Brian was going to have to talk to her about this. That was it. And we did.
Eva leaned into Brians face a few days later after a fellow toddler had pulled her shirt up to kiss her belly--I DIDNT see that one, but we'll go on Chloe's word. (Better safe than sorry -We think we'll nip this one in the bud) Brian asks Eva about this and she leans up to his face, grins, and says - " I love *boy*....and ... (as she leans about an inch from his face, super-grins) boys." Brian took a second to ponder that moment, and then asked Chloe to divulge what she had learned not that long ago.
"If we get kissed, we say NO and run to mom and daddy. Then, we tell Daddy."
"And what does Daddy do?" Brian prompts
"Takes care of 'em."
There - enough said. A job well done B! Next- a shotgun!

A Trade Off

There are benefits to being in an atmosphere full of dust. For example, beautiful sunsets and sunrises. This is monsoon season, so these pics were taken right before a large lightning storm. You never heard any thunder, but saw many many lightning strikes off in the sky and around the mountains. It was remarkable! And, the weather was nice and cool for me, so I loved that part the most! We can't even capture the beauty of the scenery out here. If it only stayed 80 year round out here it be amazing!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Best of Her World

This is Chloe's latest talent- Hannah Montana. As hard as I tried to keep my kids from the idols of the tweens and young girls, they have managed to fall in love with 'hanna tanna'. Eva knew her name before she could say her own! I don't know what to think about that....
This game requires you to do different 'moves' according to what symbol shows up and what color it is... Chloe is great at this!
Eva likes to just jump around and feel the groove more or less.
My girls are growing up, and I can't really stop them, can I?
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Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ok, so I have to blog today because I've found some absolute lifesaver snacks! And some ''totally cool'' websites that I can't keep to myself. So, here's links to the world- ENJOY!

This is called Preschool Express. They have everything you need to create a no-fuss school day and monthly activity calendars for toddlers, preschoolers and teachers. A-mazing!

This link is for some delicious snacks that save me time and make the girls feel extra special, and there's no mess left behind! That's the best part - it's so good the girls won't leave a spec behind! I wouldn't have ever bought these without a deal to draw me in. But we got a deal for a buck for 24 straws- I've actually snuck quite a few without guilt because of the deal.

Here is yet another link for those who ever played the board game Harvest Time, or Going to Granny's House or things like that growing up. If you had it, you probably have never forgotten it, and I've found it for our use - I hope to get almost all of these eventually! Quality games, teamwork, and no batteries needed! And they learn about harvesting, or picking apples - real things. Not like those silly games on another thing-we won't mention that here-that have no real life basis to them. Just a personal opinion, here.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Little Funnies

A while ago we drove B to work, and as we're driving away, Chloe asks me ''Do you know why we can't go into daddy's work?" Having talked about this, (safety reasons) I said, "why?" She replies, "Because Kids aren't allowed to help Daddy. Only humans." I must say I chuckled a bit and said, "Interesting..."

Eva commented yesterday, "What are making?" to which I replied "dinner." She says, "Where's the cake?" "What cake?" I said, "We're not making a cake today." "My birthday cake. Is it my birthday?" "no," I said. "Daddy's Birthday?" "no." "Chloe's birthday?" "Your birthday?" No- I said, "It's no one's birthday and we're not having any cake today!" "Bummer!" This comes after two birthday parties last weekend, and two more birthdays this week. You think she's starting to feel like it's a norm to have a birthday all the time?

Upon giving daddy a foot massage the other day, Chloe squints at B's big toe and asks "what's that?" "What's what?" Brian asked. Eva's interest peaked, stops massage 'her' foot and takes his foot in her hands, examines this 'spot' and says in all seriousness, "It doesn't look very good." What was it? A callus. Our little funny Dr. Eva!


This weekend we tightened Chloe's training wheels and went for the typical family 'walk', with B and I walking while the girls rode bikes. AND I'm proud to say - Eva can really ride her tricycle now!! She was able to do short stints, and now is has gotten quite the distance put in before she realizes she's really biking, and stops. Chloe's been doing awesome on her bike - and now it looks like the last inches she's grown has given the control for getting on and off confidently. It was really fun and relaxing to see the girls so happy - and in a safe environment. Out in Valle Vista, Chloe's bike just stuck in the sand while Eva had all of 18 feet to try to learn to ride her bike. I would be trying to help while keeping an eye out for weird creatures of all kinds. We would see people in town with their kids on bikes and walking around and always thought that we'd love to do that-given the opportunity. The girls are also learning to use the Barbie roller skates that was a birthday gift back in March. They have such a good time doing those fun kid things out here, and I'm so glad we're able to open our door and let them 'go'!