Thursday, February 28, 2008

Grandma Visits BFE!

The girls have thoroughly enjoyed seeing grandma come out here. They have entertained her from dawn to dusk. My mom has set a record for holding Eva's hand. 3 min. straight. I've really appreciated having mom over here. When I have a rough day, she's within arm distance for hugs and ear shot for advice and encouragement. She's visited on just the right days to let me run errands or have an appointment without stressing about a babysitter. I've loved it. She's even given me dinner pointers because dinner is the hardest meal for me to put together right now. My energy is blah and my appettite is even worse. B has even really enjoyed having the mom-in-law over, and was just telling me he wishes she could visit more often. And, I can get her backup when Chloe has been her four year old self, and done something completely rude or 'unacceptable' as Jo Jo says. Eva has started talking so much while she's been here. Even though mom hasnt been here physically a whole lot, her presence over here has relieved a lot of peoples stress. Thanks MOM!

I'm not such a plant killer...

Of all the things I couldnt grow in Ohio, I've managed to make bulbs grow out here when everyone told me I was crazy! HA!

We're growing some crocuses and something else that Walmart was selling at the time that seemed to coordinate nicely. The crocuses are coming up though. I think that's what they are anyway.

Hopefully we'll get some nice 'things' growing that I want around this area. I'll have to make sure that they are protected from all the rodents out here.

Any suggestions?

Friday, February 22, 2008


How long did you date? Well, lets say on the record that we dated on and off for a long time between 99 and 2002. We got engaged for the second time in December I think and married in February 2003.

How old is he? 24

How old are you? 24... yep, thats right.

Who eats more sweets? Brian-- that is a definite.

Who said I love you first? Brian did... I tricked him into it by saying one day, "No body loves me," to which he replied,"I do." We women are goooood.

Who is taller? Brian - it makes it perfect for a snuggle right under his chin.

Who can sing better? I like to sing with the girls... it masks my voice a little.

Who is smarter? Hmmm....depends on the topic. I am good in homeopathic and natural energy zen things, and he is a complete and udder computer geek. We love him for that though.

Who does the laundry? Me. Brian is infamous for the quick whif and wear. If he can stand a whif he can wear it. I think this is a genetic mishap in males. God couldn't have truly intended for them to act this way. It's just not normal.

Who does the dishes? Me. And the kids and I put them away. I love having a dishwasher though.

His guilty pleasure? Desperate Housewives.. although we've lost our touch on the show for the last year or so.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I have to. It's always been that way I guess.

Who mows the lawn? That's what is so great about Arizona. We have no 'lawn', just a bunch of brush and dirt. But I generally mowed the lawn in Ohio or paid my cousin to mow it.

Who cooks dinner? I do, but he can make a mean meal of mac and cheese-that's for sure.

Who is more stubborn? Me, but I always feel that it is quite justified.

Who kissed who first? I think it was our first day of dating, and it was traditional to kiss goodbye. I sweat about it forever, and finally just pecked him on the cheek as I released a hug on him. His reaction is the funny part... "what was that?" I stumbled out "a kiss." All our friends were watching and it was quite embarassing. He put his book bag on and said, "No, this is a kiss." and proceeded to shove me up against the locker and give me a biiiig wet one. It's kinda one of those funny stories we have.. we seem to have quite a few.

Who asked who out first? Well, let's say that he 'told me' out first. He blurted out, "Be my girlfriend." And pretty much we were together after that.

Who proposed? He did... twice. So he is twice as sure that I said yes.

Who has more siblings? ME! By 1, though.

Who wears the pants? Well I generally have the 'say so', but if something is really important to him, I don't hesitate to sway.

What is your favorite thing about him? He loves me no matter what, and doesn't hesitate to ever tell me I'm "hot".

Thursday, February 14, 2008

There She Blows!

Last night we had a serious sand storm. Not just the it's really windy kind, but an honest to goodness ''brown out''. The houses out here arent built for this kind of thing. I think tht's why nicer homes can cost less. There are gaps everywhere!!

Brian and I were out with the kids, but were lucky with our garage to pull right on in away from it. Or so we thought. We put the kids to bed, and then as were watching TV and doing homework, I hear the patio chairs being scooted across our back porch. We turned on the light just in time to see the cooler being scooted along with the chairs. I was just awaiting the familiar music from The Wizard of Oz, followed by a crazy lady on a bike flying by our window. After Brian stuck his face agaiinst the glass doors to see what he could, he turned to me, acting like he had sand in his mouth. I thought he was joking until I started tasting the dirt as well in my TEETH! Gritty dirt from just sitting on my couch- who would've ever figured? Anyways, the room started smelling so musty and I started coughing on the thickness of the air that we went to bed early.
This morning after all that blowing I had about 1/4 in. of dirt on my end table that sits next to the patio door. GROSS! Chloe has been amazed by how much fun tracing her finger in the dirt has been. The window sills and things next to them are covered in dirt/sand or whatever they call that stuff out here. I guess I'm grateful no rocks came in! Thanks for small miracles. This morning there is not much wind at all, everything was standing still. But, it's getting back to 'normal' and the winds are picking up again. That was just crazy! It did make me realize that I have no idea how the city rates those or if it is a 'natural occurance'.
I'm still glad it was not snow, though.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Romney Droppin' Out!!


That I must say is a horrible thing for us as a people, and the country as far as the future is concerned. Obama isnt sounding so bad right now --- especially when Hilary or Mccain are the other real options. Tsk Tsk Tsk! But I think Romney might have seen how awful the political game really is, and wanted out sooner than later. That's good for him! This whole election has turned into a race and gender race more than any real reasons besides the whole Iraq thing. All they would mention where Mitt was concerned was his mormon supporters and "well, he might win there because there is a large quantity of mormons there..." I'm sorry, if anyone really thinks that Mormons are all the same as far as political preference is concerned should not be taken as an authority at all. Every religion has its various people, and the one thing our religion has tried so hard to do is specifically give no counsel for political agendas or who to vote for...Unlike other churches where signs supporting others have been seen. What ever happened to the so called separation of religion and state? And whomever really wants to leave the war where it is, can politely and quietly move to Phoenix for the moment when it probably gets blown to smithers from a terrorist. Oh, and meanwhile they can experience plenty of cultural diversity there. So - for all the political agendas - CHANGE! WE WANT CHANGE! What does that even mean when a politic says that? Is it ever guaranteed good?

Well - I guess the country is going to have to hit drop bottom for sure before they realize how high in bull crap they really are. I mean, being a citizen of the United States is a privilege - not a right. Anyone that thinks the government ''owes it to 'em'' for whatever reason should go live in Canada. Eh?