Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life in the Homeschool Lane...

We've taken pictures of life during school hours here and also Gabe's recent rash of getting in to EVERYTHING!! Everywhere he is, chaos and mess reign. Slimy globbered toys, food, and who knows what leave his 'tracks'. Welcome to toddlerhood, baby boy!

Happy Halloween!

This Year we had Cleopatra, a lion, and a Tinkerbell. They all loved their costumes. Mostly- Gabe was a little upset, but he was grateful when the cold night descended. Ya, ya, I know - cold was like 60 something. But dang man- it's cold out here when that temp hits and there's no sun.
The kids went up and down the neighborhood street, and then were begging to come home. We've still got about half the candy. Who could ever eat that much anyways???
The girls were bold enough this year to go up on their own, regardless of the spooks along the sidewalk, or scary sounds. I loved it. Their independence is refreshing in moments like this. Brian and I were vampire/vampiress.

(and yes- I've seen New Moon, read the books and am totally geeked about the whole series.)

Rock on!

These are my 'boys' for an afternoon of Guitar Hero. Okay - just a song or two, but that's enough for me! I can't stand the thing! But at least a few people in my family appreciate the purchase. Gabe couldn't get enough of it. Hilarious! Brian played for him, but he thought he was playing, just like he 'drives' with Mari Cart and other things. Cute, too!


*Like this, right mom!? I can tell they've learned something from me in the process of canning applesauce up the wazoo!

A Walking Advertisment

Hey mom! You know what I want? I want these things you can stick on your teeth and then walk around all day and not have to brush. They're like little stickers!! And then you can walk around and say (*smile*) and everyone will say, "Wow- what nice teeth ya have!" And they're like little stickers! That's what I want.

Hmm. Any idea of what she's talking about? She seems sold on their idea, doesn't she? What other things has she seen and just believed because it was 'on tv'? Crazy. She should've gotten paid for what she was trying to sell.

Oh- and as I'm writing this we have natural gas people fixing an apparently leaky pipe outside my house. Thanks for those tender mercies there! I had absolutely no idea because we've been across the house and in a closed room most of the morning. Crazy. Things to be thankful for, for sure!

Ah - things have been busy here. I organized a food drive for Thanksgiving for local members and we fed 4 large families and 3 single/couples. We're on our way towards having a successful nativity play in the beginning of the month as well. And we're doing a food drive/toy and book drive for kids during the month of December. I'm excited to see what gets donated and how the sisters react. It's been hard for a lot of people this year, and I think it's great our sisters are willing to share the little they might have to better someone else that's in harder times. I think it's coming down to that as a society. People bearing one another's burden's, yada yada. oo- and I've also started to organize a craft day for our RS sisters a ''last moment'' kind of thing right before Christmas, but we've had some awesome ideas presented, so I'm totally jazzed!

Here's some pics of my new haircut - totally Kate and 8 style. I love her hair all the time and I've felt gorgeous with this new 'do' . I've even started wearing makeup for everyday again... Brian likes it. Even better!

Brian's been called to be the membership clerk of the ward. I knew it was a clerk position *gut-wise* but had no idea there existed a clerk-assisant position. Who knew!? My intuition strikes again!

I've gotten almost over the loss - almost, but feelings come and go quickly now - like a tsunami. I'm ok one moment and then a look, or something prompts a teary-eyed me. We'll figure it out. Eventually.

I'm hoping to be somewhere else by the time the next school year starts, and the next few months will tell me where.... *crossing my fingers* maybe closer to nuclear family. Homeschooling is going Ok, but it's not my absolute forte. I'd much rather sing abc's hundreds of times than try to explain how a shape is not a form, but every form has it's shape. Seriously! And then there's dealing with the tantrums the rest of the kids have while I'm trying to be patient with the oldest. That's just the youngest toddler most times, and he only screams because he wants the computer and the keyboard, and sharp pencils in his mouth as he stands on a chair. Ya. Most is my parental guilt for not spending equal time with everyone, but Eva could care less about school sometimes, and Gabe is only 1.