Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Maybe it was all the rough necked Harley Davidson riders in Laughlin for the River Run, or maybe it was the absolute satisfaction I had from a Denny's ( the fabulous french toast with biscuits and gravy) breakfast. Maybe it was the fact that I had Brian all to 'myself' that day, or that the girls were behaving like angels or that I'd found some clothes that fit me just wonderfully AND were 50% off. Whatever it was that led me to the climb, when our family passed Claire's in the mall, I looked at B to see if he was thinking what I was thinking.
The girls, especially Chloe have been excited to get their ears pierced lately. Chloe even asked B a month or so ago, and we really didn't have too much of an objection other than 'she's just young'. After much contemplation we decided we were totally opposed to it, so if it was something she wanted so bad, we could indulge her on this. Eva is always keeping track of her shoes, my earrings and has a very keen memory of where things are - helping everyone in the family when we are scatterbrained. (if you know our family you know what a blessing this keen memory is)
So, we pulled into the shop, where the two girls just went bizerk with all the 'girly' stuff at their little fingertips. I talked to the piercer and found out that earrings are much more expensive than I remembered them being. B and I asked Eva if she wanted earrings in her ears, to which she gladly squealed "yes!" B asked Chloe if she wanted to have 'A needle stick through your ear and make a hole in your ear...' She wasn't so sure about that. When I asked her if she wanted to get earrings in her ears, she said she didn't want her ears pierced. But, knowing how apprehensive she is even if she wants something, we decided to do them both together. The two piercers had piercings of every kind, and it gave me comfort (those people have to know above others how important personal hygiene is, don't they?)
And - B held Chloe and 'snap' she blinked and it was done. Then, she felt so grown up she started looking at all the earrings she can wear when this 6wk period is over, and held her own pink bag of ear care solution. SO GROWN UP! I am not ready for that, but it is happening anyways.
And - B held Eva and 'snap' she turned red eyed and angry, but didnt cry. This was totally opposite of what I expected- either screaming or happiness, but she was just angry. She wouldn't eat and moaned for the next 2 hours until daddy pushed her on the swing at the park for an hour. She finally forgave us, well- at least him.
They are totally happy with their earrings now, and they sparkle every time they move, reminding me of the tension that I had watching this whole episode unfold. Eva hides her ears and runs when she sees the cleaning solution, but it's all just a 'no touch' idea-not for pain that she runs. Chloe will get out the supplies and stand on her stool to watch herself in the mirror.
They are getting so big, and I just don't know what I'm going to do to help 'let them grow up' on their own. But here are the two diva's in their ear-pierced glory!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Marshmallow Maniacs!

Brian discovered these giant marshmallows the other evening and showed them to the girls, right before bedtime. I made the girls run around a bit before they could sleep...and super duper brush their teeth. These are amazing, though. Has anyone ever seen such a thing?

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Girls Lately...

I wanted to put up some really cute pics I took of the girls recently. They are just too funny right now, the both of them trying to be 'mom'. Chloe is just outraged when the world is not turning in her favor, and her new saying is "Ya-huh. Jesus said so." When Eva does things just to get her riled up.

Eva has moved all the cans around in the pantry as her organization while I'm cleaning the kitchen and made room for herself on the bottom shelf.

This was a great picture of Chloe on Sunday as the family was out on the porch.
She is getting sooo grown up, although if you ask her she's already 'all growed up.'

My pajamagram!

After having sick kids and wearing myself out this last weekend thereby getting sick on my own, my dear hubby surprised me with a pajamagram yesterday--purple and white polka dot jammies with matching slippers! It also comes with a sachet and a 'relaxing' door knob handle. Oh, the girls and I were so excited. I think Chloe loved the hat box just as much as everything else. It was a great presentation and made my day all the better. It came on a perfect night, too.. movie night. Every Thursday when Brian goes to mutual, I make a 'girls movie night' with cookies and blankets, and popcorn - whatever makes that night fun for that day. The girls look forward to it, and it makes the evening just fly by.
The pajamas are actually nursing pajamas, but they're so comfy I'll wear them probably as long as I can fit into them! And they're keeping me actually perfectly warm.. not too hot and not too cold! Wonders never cease! What a great hubby!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter ended up being a fun time, although it was tiring. It was exciting to do the things I remember as a kid.. dying eggs, easter egg
hunts, and things like that. Last year I'd gotten fancy dye with sparkles. I learned a lesson of simplicity is better when it comes to easter eggs. This year, we dyed and used disney stickers to decorate. I know the kids had a blast. Chloe waited all week to dye the eggs, and honestly it went by almost too fast for me. They were so ambitious, but we had order, and efficiency. Two words I've become to say a lot lately. We did the egg dying before they went to bed Friday, had the Easter Bunny come Saturday, and just relaxed on Sunday. I think it was the first time Brian got to dye eggs with the kids too. Chloe and Eva ate candy all Saturday morning, - we didnt give them too much in their baskets. They also got bubbles and go fish and snap cards, and things like that more than candy. We also gave the movie Enchanted as the Easter present. They looove the movie. I aimed for the public easter egg hunts but were 10 min late, so we just gave up. I persisted at home to do an egg hunt, and you know what? They had a completely fun time, with no kids pushing them-although Eva did learn the importance of running to the egg and not making a casual walk.
They hid the eggs all over until they were pretty much all cracked. So, well used, and well appreciated!

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Bring it!

I am #1 thankful for Calleen out here for helping me do these chairs, I could NOT have done it without her. I found cute fabric in #2 thanks to Laura for inspiring me, and for 1.00/yd no less!! I bought plastic then-yes, the PLASTIC that I swore would never be on my chairs because I could handle it..... Well. I was wrong. I bought new chairs that came with white slipcovers. Easy enough, I thought- I'll just bleach it and stuff to get stains out. Well- I was wrong, again. The kids hands would touch everywhere before I could take care of one spot. Almost like "don't touch... here? here? oh. maybe here?" SO, I became greatly embarrassed by these things. With family coming out, I was not about to be shown a fool. So, I bought this fabric, and in ONE DAY - thanks to Calleen and our determination finished the four dining chairs. And, I have enough fabric and plastic to do the other two when the moment calls for it. But, one is not even put together yet-we're waiting for expansion in our family. And, the other is in the forbidden to get into guest room. I think they're safe for the meantime. Plus, out of the deal, Caleen made homemade peach ice cream. Couldnt think of anything more rewarding. What a great job we all did!! So now, when the food gets a movin' away from the table, I'm saying, "BRING IT!"

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So, thinking I would be so prepared for the start of a completely relaxing month, we started April with Chloe's sinus infection / fever / vomiting. She is so sweet when she is sick. She uses polite words, and is quiet and reserved - completely the opposite of her usual self, but it is a nice thing to experience every once and a while even though it means she's sicker than a dog. She has been our little furnace, and she seems to know what her body generally needs. I contribute that to being sick for almost the first 2 1/2 years of her life, constantly. Thank heavens for ear tubes!! I had to drag her through the store afterwards, to stock up the necessities of life and she just slept in the cart the whole time, the whole trip home, and is quietly watching Cinderella at the moment. Eva has learned in the last 24 hours to stop sneaking Chloe's special juice, and to drink her own... and that being sick gets you different things like watching movies, snuggling with mom- day and night when available, and not having to eat your vegetables. I think she's going to pretend sick any day now. I just want to thank her for being such a trooper, even though I know she feels like poop. I also am sighing relief that she waited until after her Uncle Jeremy went to Las Vegas to run fevers and etc. Very thoughtful, indeed! ;) So, my day is ending up being a crazy one anyways.... April Fools on ME!

What a month!

I'm sooo glad March is over. Not that it wasn't fun, and completely crammed with things to prepare for, to do, and to watch for. I am just exhausted with all of everything for right now. I'm looking forward to an even keel April. It seems almost inaccurate to think of my calendar as correct, because there is so little on there. What it tells me is I have this one month to catch up on everything, store up on lots of things, and get ready for my May trip to Ohio. I cannot wait. Well, I can wait until I have everything ready. We had hospital trips, grandma visits, B's birthday, my cousin Marks birthday, Brians working around 75 hours a week a work to help keep his company's information safe and accurate, a funeral, a drive to ID, visits with sisters/aunts/cousins I've never met before, sad losses other than my grandmother, St. Patricks Day, our hitting of 25,000 miles in our minivan *I cringe*, the first day of spring, an uncle visit here, Chloe's birthday, an Aunt and a Grandfathers birthday, a visit to him to celebrate LIFE on this earth.... and... oh, my nephews - two nephews birthdays- 1 of whom I completely skipped. I'm ready to right the wrongs, rest in and of itself, and a physical renewal of strength. I guess time will tell. Oh, and I cant forget Easter, and the easter bunny - who comes the day before to rest on the Sabbath day, too. Oh- and I started a book club last month, and we'll have our first meeting this next weekend.