Monday, October 26, 2009

Snip, Snip!

Today I actually took some scissors to my sons almost mullet. I was trying to push it off, but when the food starts a-stickin' my scissors needed to get a-clippin'! Several screams later and after 15 chocolate chips were eaten-or rather inhaled without much success, I just started grabbing and snipping the best I could. I don't think he'll ever sit still again - but he's just the cutest little squirmy worm! Now hair no longer curls at the nape of his neck.. so he grows up just a little more every day. The girls thought it was really fun to try and distract him, feeding him treats and trying to get him to look the other way. It was a good time for all - except Gabriel, most likely. He's up to a full cup of life cereal in the morning with a sippy cup for breakfast- a full sandwich and some applesauce and then another sippy for lunch- dinner is a guess if he'll eat or not. Seriously, where does it all go?!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So, we're updating the last few weeks. Sickness. The swine flu, more like - and everyone BUT Gabriel managed to catch it. The pharmacy budget I set is completely blown out of the water, and I'm not excited for the 5 Urgent Care bills and 2 sick visits to the kids pediatrician. It would have been nice if I went to the Urgent Care first - they tested everyone for flu once one case was confirmed in the family.

Gabriel's Birthday. That I'll make a fresh post about. But he was sick all weekend before, and right up to his birthday. Luckily on his birthday, on his anti-histamine his polka dots from the roseola virus disappeared and he was at least a little manageable. Chloe was recouping from a 102 fever the evening before so it was a slow and low key day.

Fall time - my favorite season...and the events of the month have taken our 'splurge' income straight to the 'sick' expenses and then some. Leaves around here are changing if you look carefully, but they'll blow away and you don't see them on the ground long enough to jump in them. Only the weeds and tumbleweed stick around the yard - and shoot, we could jump in those all year long if they were actually pleasant.

IRS - Apparently our CFA out here did not include the income I had from OH in 2007, when I had even given him the information for it. So we got a letter in the mail yesterday demanding the hefty sum be paid asap, of course. I think I'll use a new CFA this year. Frustrating.

Work stuff- Brian was given some huge responsibilities at work that are causing him heartburn at every hour of the day. It was kind of like, "We failed at this last time and we had a whole team. You do it yourself in half the time, okay?" I've been watching a little girl here and there but it's been crazy with sickness here and there. She's a doll though, and I miss her playing with my girls every week. I am toying again with the idea of becoming licensed nationally... seems like a good thing to do to be prepared in times of need. Just a hard expense upfront for a 'stay at home mom'.

Temple visits- actually made it and had an absolutely wonderful spiritual experience! Hadn't been to the temple in almost a year and a half but my goal is to be going monthly now. We'll see!