Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long Lost, but Happy Still

So, I'll catch up with all that has happened, but I'll just start with Chloe's Daisy Ceremony-Potluck for the end of the year. Chloe received her prizes from selling the Girl Scout cookies, of which her favorite was a matching Panda-baby and a little girl t-shirt. She named her Panda Chelsea, and she was so bummed after dirtying her shirt... 3 days of wearing it finally got it dirty.

She said a temporary good-bye to her beloved "Aunt Di" and we snapped a picture of her and her B.F.F. Mathias.Aunt Di/ Daisy's has been a huge pull for Eva to 'get with the learning program' and read. She's willing to let me homeschool her so that she can go to Daisy's with Chloe.Aunt Di always let Eva participate in as much as she could and definitely has lit up her mind with the Brownie-way. I'm excited for her confidence and energy to be put in a good direction, and Aunt Di is old fashioned with manner's, etc., so I LOVE HER! I hope to be a Girl Scout leader in the fall.

And Chloe did lose her second tooth the Sunday after she lost her other tooth - which was a Friday. The story is hers to tell, and I hope she writes it somewhere. It's humorous though- a hard cupcake and her super -loose tooth that just 'fell' out.