Monday, April 20, 2009


OOOOOOF! What a weekend! We pulled into our home around 10pm tonight! I've unloaded the car, cleaned out the fridge- as much as I dare to tonight (eeeek!), bathed, brushed, and fed the girls, and am now going to bath and bed myself!! 2,000 is a looooong drive in case you wondered.
I'd love to tell you the wonderful incidents that occured along the way, but I've not completely gotten over them enough to blog them..... It just seemed that something was against us the whole trip! Things went well enough, but wow! -- when we really tried to do officially anything, everything happened. I'll gather my thoughts clearly at a later time, I think.
It was a wonderful thing to hear the kids say how happy they were to be back here with the infamous ''merdaid bed'', and other things. We are so blessed. I'm glad to be living in a home that's already put together, no assembly required. lol....
We missed church today and I know I'll feel the stress mounting incredibly quicker this week. Always seems to happen like that. Bummer. Brian took a hit again with school because of the intense work and driving and things he's been involved with the last week. I feel for him. I hope he'll get over these last few weeks quickly. Goodnight/Goodmorning! I'm going to r.e.l.a.x.!! (really???)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming Home

"Home is where the heart is".... as the saying goes, but I'm of the opinion that it must be warm and sunny too. I have been visiting the 'home' where I grew up, and raised my family for the first few years, and have disappointingly felt still so detached from things when I come back. Stores opened are now closed, the ward is 1/2 changed... things are just different. I know it's supposed to be that way but it's always an 'oh. ya' moment for me. It hasn't helped that I've been running myself totally insanely ragged, and it's been gray and cold.. and rainy-even snowy at times here. Today-the day we've planned on leaving the sun comes out, the grass has now turned a pretty spring green and the plants have budding flowers while others are beautifully blossoming. COMMON! Throw me a friggin' bone!!

Our kids have been hopping back and forth between Grandma's and Nana's for 3 weeks now and have questioned me, "Where's Home?" that I refer to every now and again. I know we've long moved out of the Ohio lands, and we're not planting deep deep deep roots in Kingman, so it's been hard to feel really at 'home' anywhere at the moment. Looking at the economical things, some people are losing their homes that you know are great wonderful people. Some people are living out of their cars... that's their home! We're redoing our old home here, to rent out as some one else's home. We're renting in Arizona, and I think it will remain that way for quite some time.

"Home is where we're sleeping tonight," I told my girls. I know some people might have a much more philisophical answer, but I'm really getting down to basics right now.

How grateful I am that I have a loving family near and far that go out of their way to make me feel at home wherever I may be. Thanks for everything everyone has done to help us as a family have wondeful memories of the Ohio. I'm grateful for the memories we're creating in our little Kingman town and am totally psyched for the happy memories to come. I'm coming home to a home where our hearts are, our lives are, and for right now where our future lies.

And that's.... priceless.