Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Life in the Homeschool Lane...

We've taken pictures of life during school hours here and also Gabe's recent rash of getting in to EVERYTHING!! Everywhere he is, chaos and mess reign. Slimy globbered toys, food, and who knows what leave his 'tracks'. Welcome to toddlerhood, baby boy!

Happy Halloween!

This Year we had Cleopatra, a lion, and a Tinkerbell. They all loved their costumes. Mostly- Gabe was a little upset, but he was grateful when the cold night descended. Ya, ya, I know - cold was like 60 something. But dang man- it's cold out here when that temp hits and there's no sun.
The kids went up and down the neighborhood street, and then were begging to come home. We've still got about half the candy. Who could ever eat that much anyways???
The girls were bold enough this year to go up on their own, regardless of the spooks along the sidewalk, or scary sounds. I loved it. Their independence is refreshing in moments like this. Brian and I were vampire/vampiress.

(and yes- I've seen New Moon, read the books and am totally geeked about the whole series.)

Rock on!

These are my 'boys' for an afternoon of Guitar Hero. Okay - just a song or two, but that's enough for me! I can't stand the thing! But at least a few people in my family appreciate the purchase. Gabe couldn't get enough of it. Hilarious! Brian played for him, but he thought he was playing, just like he 'drives' with Mari Cart and other things. Cute, too!


*Like this, right mom!? I can tell they've learned something from me in the process of canning applesauce up the wazoo!

A Walking Advertisment

Hey mom! You know what I want? I want these things you can stick on your teeth and then walk around all day and not have to brush. They're like little stickers!! And then you can walk around and say (*smile*) and everyone will say, "Wow- what nice teeth ya have!" And they're like little stickers! That's what I want.

Hmm. Any idea of what she's talking about? She seems sold on their idea, doesn't she? What other things has she seen and just believed because it was 'on tv'? Crazy. She should've gotten paid for what she was trying to sell.

Oh- and as I'm writing this we have natural gas people fixing an apparently leaky pipe outside my house. Thanks for those tender mercies there! I had absolutely no idea because we've been across the house and in a closed room most of the morning. Crazy. Things to be thankful for, for sure!

Ah - things have been busy here. I organized a food drive for Thanksgiving for local members and we fed 4 large families and 3 single/couples. We're on our way towards having a successful nativity play in the beginning of the month as well. And we're doing a food drive/toy and book drive for kids during the month of December. I'm excited to see what gets donated and how the sisters react. It's been hard for a lot of people this year, and I think it's great our sisters are willing to share the little they might have to better someone else that's in harder times. I think it's coming down to that as a society. People bearing one another's burden's, yada yada. oo- and I've also started to organize a craft day for our RS sisters a ''last moment'' kind of thing right before Christmas, but we've had some awesome ideas presented, so I'm totally jazzed!

Here's some pics of my new haircut - totally Kate and 8 style. I love her hair all the time and I've felt gorgeous with this new 'do' . I've even started wearing makeup for everyday again... Brian likes it. Even better!

Brian's been called to be the membership clerk of the ward. I knew it was a clerk position *gut-wise* but had no idea there existed a clerk-assisant position. Who knew!? My intuition strikes again!

I've gotten almost over the loss - almost, but feelings come and go quickly now - like a tsunami. I'm ok one moment and then a look, or something prompts a teary-eyed me. We'll figure it out. Eventually.

I'm hoping to be somewhere else by the time the next school year starts, and the next few months will tell me where.... *crossing my fingers* maybe closer to nuclear family. Homeschooling is going Ok, but it's not my absolute forte. I'd much rather sing abc's hundreds of times than try to explain how a shape is not a form, but every form has it's shape. Seriously! And then there's dealing with the tantrums the rest of the kids have while I'm trying to be patient with the oldest. That's just the youngest toddler most times, and he only screams because he wants the computer and the keyboard, and sharp pencils in his mouth as he stands on a chair. Ya. Most is my parental guilt for not spending equal time with everyone, but Eva could care less about school sometimes, and Gabe is only 1.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Snip, Snip!

Today I actually took some scissors to my sons almost mullet. I was trying to push it off, but when the food starts a-stickin' my scissors needed to get a-clippin'! Several screams later and after 15 chocolate chips were eaten-or rather inhaled without much success, I just started grabbing and snipping the best I could. I don't think he'll ever sit still again - but he's just the cutest little squirmy worm! Now hair no longer curls at the nape of his neck.. so he grows up just a little more every day. The girls thought it was really fun to try and distract him, feeding him treats and trying to get him to look the other way. It was a good time for all - except Gabriel, most likely. He's up to a full cup of life cereal in the morning with a sippy cup for breakfast- a full sandwich and some applesauce and then another sippy for lunch- dinner is a guess if he'll eat or not. Seriously, where does it all go?!

Friday, October 23, 2009


So, we're updating the last few weeks. Sickness. The swine flu, more like - and everyone BUT Gabriel managed to catch it. The pharmacy budget I set is completely blown out of the water, and I'm not excited for the 5 Urgent Care bills and 2 sick visits to the kids pediatrician. It would have been nice if I went to the Urgent Care first - they tested everyone for flu once one case was confirmed in the family.

Gabriel's Birthday. That I'll make a fresh post about. But he was sick all weekend before, and right up to his birthday. Luckily on his birthday, on his anti-histamine his polka dots from the roseola virus disappeared and he was at least a little manageable. Chloe was recouping from a 102 fever the evening before so it was a slow and low key day.

Fall time - my favorite season...and the events of the month have taken our 'splurge' income straight to the 'sick' expenses and then some. Leaves around here are changing if you look carefully, but they'll blow away and you don't see them on the ground long enough to jump in them. Only the weeds and tumbleweed stick around the yard - and shoot, we could jump in those all year long if they were actually pleasant.

IRS - Apparently our CFA out here did not include the income I had from OH in 2007, when I had even given him the information for it. So we got a letter in the mail yesterday demanding the hefty sum be paid asap, of course. I think I'll use a new CFA this year. Frustrating.

Work stuff- Brian was given some huge responsibilities at work that are causing him heartburn at every hour of the day. It was kind of like, "We failed at this last time and we had a whole team. You do it yourself in half the time, okay?" I've been watching a little girl here and there but it's been crazy with sickness here and there. She's a doll though, and I miss her playing with my girls every week. I am toying again with the idea of becoming licensed nationally... seems like a good thing to do to be prepared in times of need. Just a hard expense upfront for a 'stay at home mom'.

Temple visits- actually made it and had an absolutely wonderful spiritual experience! Hadn't been to the temple in almost a year and a half but my goal is to be going monthly now. We'll see!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabe's Post

He deserves his own post as he's learned to do so many things this last week. He's stacking, attacking, building and breaking.... Climbing, singing, rolling around - so much!! I survived four days without Brian last week - whew! But I felt he missed just so much so I took all these pictures as Gabe was doing things. He sits on his little doggie chair now, rides instead of pushes his popper around, and from what I can tell he prefers order and cleanliness (fixing all things out of place lately). And I finally got a picture that shows his two bottom teeth. Now to get some pics of the top four that are coming in all once. Poor little man. He likes to wear headbands, purses and pushes strollers around with the girls all day too. I am slowly building a boy toy collection, and dinosaurs are our newest addition. Things are great with Gabe!! I love him so much and appreciate the sweet spirit he brings into our home.

What's Up- Side Down?

I have no idea what kind of lizard this is, but his visits have become frequent- ever since our neighbors put up a pool-- coincidence? No idea, but I thought this picture was too cute and detailed to pass up posting. Someday* I won't live in the desert and I'll appreciate all the wildlife pics I have. I'm going to try and post more of them on here so that when I make a book- all sorts of things will be recorded.
Anyone know what this is? I recognize it from my road runner book, but more than that-?

Here are a few pictures of the Fair that we caught at a much needed time. Thanks to our neighbors we were able to attend without paying for the adults, and we got free parking (* in the good, close, convenient spots) We actually got Chloe to go on the rides, and being around Eva she loosened up about 1/2 way into the car ride. From there, it was the turning dragon ride... I couldn't believe how much they wanted to do. We all know how reserved and hesitant Chloe is (she won't even play the birthday party games at anyone's party except ours). The weather was misty and chilly and windy, the rides were expensive but I think the break it provided for our girls' minds was well worth it. I hope we fall into similar luck next year. The girls also got treated to cotton candy, and Gabe even had a pinch. He got pretty excited about it once he let us put it on his tongue. Date of pics: 9/13/09

Monday, September 21, 2009

A quality pet.

I don't think there is a child out there that hasn't had a pet of some sort growing up. In Chloe's curriculum they suggested getting a terrarium and some crickets to see how animals live, etc. I mentioned this to Brian as a 'whatever' kind of possibility, knowing the things would just die and - "What is the point in buying something you know is just going to die in a matter of weeks?" Brian fully supports this schooling at home, so he volunteered to get 'us' a fish. That night Chloe and daddy had a date. To the 'pet store'/"Walmart"... and came back with what seemed like everything a fish would need- food, pretty gravel, a 'cage'... And so we set it up that night and the tiger barb fish was named, 'Cow'. The next morning it received another name - 'Cow Stripes'.... so it was that they were happy with Cow Stripes. Gabe stared deviously at the aquarium...hm. Good thing it was out of his reach, eh? The girls traded off feeding the fish food and all seemed so good - a focus on living things instead of a recent loss. Until this morning as the girls got up for their morning breakfast and sat at the table. "Cow Stripes is sleeping!" Really? I checked it out and sure enough he was 'sleeping' on the bottom of the tank floor. I immediately headed to my room where I told Brian he was going to have to tell the girls the news. Eva argued with him for quite some time - and it didn't help that he started floating up gradually throughout the day..."He woke up, mom!" "No. No, honey. He's just a little more dead..." Chloe strikes out with "Everything's dead. The babies dead! Cow's dead!" That didn't sit at all well with us and we let her know that was understandable, but not acceptable to say. Moving on- we sucked it up, went to the official pet store and bought a beta fish. Apparently- the other fish needed the 'air bubblers' to live. Go figure. "The fish just ran out of oxygen and basically suffocated," the lady announced to our family of pet-co cart pushers. (I love their mini-carts there) That 'bubbler thing' would have been nice to know Wal-man.... So now we have a male beta, named Rainbow who is a 'girl' and fish food and dechlorinator. And I hope this lasts more than 3 days. (The girls laughed hysterically as I flushed Cow down the toilet. The idea was just absurd to them... I didn't have them watch but did 'the deed' while they were munching snacks. "Goodye Cow! Have a good time in heaven!") And thanks to Cow, we are now more educated about keeping fish.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

As time goes by....

And time goes by...not always as I thought it should but it does regardless. I have been through a d/c, d/e, and well- a lot of physical and emotional things this last week that have physically and spiritually brought me to my knees. I know I was chosen for this test for an increase in wisdom and knowledge. What exactly that means I will probably look back on this experience and see, given the time to heal. I cannot say that I've been alone on this whirlwind. Yes, it may seem corny to call it so, but seriously - it really has been. One turn after another.... Brian has been whirled into this more than I thought he ever imagine he could be. I think the storm has finally passed, but Brian's remained a strength for me spiritually, emotionally, and physically and for that I am so so so grateful for. I pause at moments to look at him and think, "Wow. I married him, and I couldn't have picked anyone else so perfect for me." Heavenly Father knows who I am. Fact 1.
My family has been so good. Chloe made me cards upon cards with lots of happy and loving hearts (on just one we counted 42!) and Eva has given lots of smiles and snuggles ("I love you. And I still love baby," she'll say as she kisses me goodnight and blows kisses up to heaven.) Ah, to have the simple faith and knowledge of a child. Gabe has been a good snuggler and just like time keeps moving on and I cannot wallow too long or I'll miss something, I just know it! I've received meals from dear friends several times now, and gorgeous flowers from loving family and friends as well. After telling the girls the sad truth a little over a week ago, I was trying to get them to sleep - enticing them by dreaming about their little brother or sister up in heaven. Here's a conversation that touched me.... Families are put together by divine knowledge to give us strength and no real 'oopses' happen. Fact 2.
me : "What are you going to dream about? Maybe your baby brother or sister?"
eva : "Ya!"
me : "What do you think she's wearing (as Eva has determined this loss to have been a girl) up there? What do you think she'll eat?"
eva : "Polka-dot pink jammies, and bubble-gum ice cream! But- not too much or else she'll have cavities."
me: "Oh - that's a cool thing about heaven though- NO CAVITIES! When we get there we'll be able to eat as much as we want of anything!"
Chloe: Do you know what I'll dream about? I'll dream about my little sister too, and do you know what I'll picture her doing? I'll imagine that Jesus is holding her. Do you remember how much he loves little children?
me: *soooo quietly... "yes. I do."
Chloe: Well I bet he's so happy to see her again, and she's really happy to see Him, too.
me: Yes, Chloe - I'm sure you're right. Good night. I love you.
Families can be together forever. Fact 3.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Remember the Lilies

So today I had some bummer news. The baby is dead.. died, I guess should say. I am going in for d/e tomorrow and will be trying to not freak out (which I should say is not my strong point when I'm told to 'sit' and 'relax'. I'm doing ok and so is the family. We are being taken good care of by the Relief Society and friends. It's the furthest along I've been so far with a miscarriage- just 20 weeks. The baby was at least 17 weeks along, and from the ultrasound today Brian was pretty sure it was a girl. It doesn't really matter I suppose anymore-- and I'm just really bummed I had kinda just gotten psyched up for this kido to come. The Lord is wise in all things. My favorite scripture comes to mind, of which a part reads "remember the lilies how they toil not....etc" Look it up and it will most likely bring comfort to you too! But - that scripture rings a true message. I need not worry or wonder all day why things happen. The Lord will make sure that things are the way they ought to be as long as I am doing all I can. Who knows the big Y, anyways? Good night. Now we've got two beautiful children on the other side, I believe anyways. Brian treated me to a haircut and a pedicure today to try and start this ''fresh start'' I want to do with this. I'm going to lose weight, get finances in order and you know - collect myself and my family for the next little while. Please - no comments need be for this post. I write it more for informational purposes than as a call for pity. If the Lord is my strength, I shall not want.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Boss, The Break

Yesterday we are having dinner and my three year old looks at Brian and after a minute she comments, "You are the husband," and gesturing to me she continues... "And you are the boss." Leave it to Eva....

This morning asking Chloe to make a peanut butter and jelly for her and her sister, she runs off excitedly "OK MOM!!" Upon finding his daughter climbing ledges and getting out food Brian took over and let her make her baby brother's sandwich. She came in to my room upset and sat down on the bed mentioning something about being mad. After talking with her I think she felt that this was her big break into becoming more 'grown up'. I'll have to give her more opportunities like that when it's not situation-induced. It's a mommie moment to realize she truly does like to help out around the house and these opportunities to feel needed, appreciated and loved are not viewed as horrific chores. hm.

For those in Twilight saga- I've gotten to pg 100 in Twilight today. Very different indeed from the movie... same, but different. It's going to be a long night and I have two novels to choose from: "The Time Traveler's Wife" and "Twilight". Hm. Not really a hesitation on this one. Book club can give a little....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August for us - whew!

Ok - August began slowly - I don't think I've stopped since August 10. We went down to Phoenix in the early morning of the 11th. Eva had an -- I can't even call it really an accident- a purpos-dent of poop in 8am bumper to bumper traffic. Thank heavens for our van with windows that all roll down... poor Chloe who was downwind from that. Thanks for my wonderful husband who took her stinky bum into Target pitched those brand new panties and sniffed out her new skirt to see if it was 'tainted' only to have her completely pee in it as we went across the street AFTER they had just gone potty. Congrats to Chloe who tested into the first grade material and had no hesitations in meeting her new teacher or anyone in the school. She's being challenged, actually having to think now to figure things out. Work.. huh - what a concept! She's doing awesome though, and I'm super happy that she's beginning to love doing home/online school. She's had to kinda skip some of the relaxing activities kindergarten has though- play dough time and stuff. Her teacher is awesome - she's been so incredibly patient with me as I learn how to be the "Learning Coach". We had a side visit to the Phoenix Zoo in the really hot weather. Ya. Hot. Yuck.
Gabe started walking around my birthday. What a wonderful present- on Mother's Day he started crawling. He must be a Mommie's Boy. He's trying to run now and it's almost like a funny dance as he uses his whole body to make each step. He's into hiding his head - or rather dropping it to the floor and playing 'peek-a-boo'. He does this when he feels anyone see's him - shy. Cute little shy boy - beast. He's eating one and a half pbj on top of a 9oz bottle. Tonight he tore up some fish sticks like they were nothing! He had two teeth break through - one on the 23rd and one on the 30th. He's getting some more but I'm not sure where and he's not very open to having me explore his little gums. He loves playing with his sisters and says 'da da da' - and head banging is a new fad with his fav people.
I s'pose I'm about 20weeks. The Dr is trying to get me in for blood work but it feels pointless trying to take all the kids, and then there's dinner - Chloe's school in the am... Always something taking precedence. I think I'll have the boy/girl ultrasound soon. I'm just in no rush for this pregnancy. Maybe it's because I'm not incredibly uncomfortable and have so much other stuff taking up my time right now. I have no preference....just healthy and happy. And on time. :0)
Brian's working with 'work politics' right now- back to a 5 day workweek and soon to be salary- is there any real benefit though? Just more work for a set pay, in my opinion. It's been so long since I've had to think work politics. RS is going- we've got an Enrichment coming up that I'm kinda excited for. We'll see how it goes. B's got some schooling left- feels like forever until it's done, right?
Eva can write her name now, Chloe is adding /carrying digits and learning computer parts when she can buddy up with Daddy.
Gosh - I think that's it. Other than my bday- which I got the Twilight series and a pajamagram for the cozy nights until baby comes. I've also gotten a new cookie sheet, a cheesecake pan, fun socks... I'm really excited about the little things, can't you tell? Seriously - beautiful food and comfortable me... how much better can things get?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

pop rocks...


Or something like a firecracker you throw down.... never done it but the girls enjoyed daddy time on Sunday morning as they used up the whole box in sheer excitement!
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More fun!





Ok - found another few cute sprinkler pics. The fav thing right now is to jump in the sprinkler, jump on the tramp - alternate as needed and then finish drying out with books on the patio furniture. It's great... Little G will learn someday the similar joys.
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Sprinkler Fun



nateWe were given a sprinkler and we tried to put it to good use that very day. Unfortunately it needed to be stuck into the ground... a slight overlook on my part. So, we put it in planters that flooded and ultimately had daddy go out and hold it for the girls. It really is a cool sprinkler with balls that when put in to it, pop out the top and daddy had a good time setting records for the longest balenced ball. We've since broken out our other sprinkler and have enjoyed it too... Our porch is finally cleared off and its a nice little retreat in the cooler summer evenings.
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ABC Bday!


At the request of my persistant children, we had to have a birthday party for something a few days back. After some thinking, I had an idea. We'd have a day full of appreciation for the alphabet, everything we'd do would have direct connection. So, we started with abc pancakes...we almost made it to z, and Gabe found he really liked them too. Then, we did alphabet hunt through the house to see if we could find things that started with all the letters of the alphabet. We listened to some fun abc songs while we did it. It was a good time. Then we made sugary cinnamon cookies and had a abc 'cookie walk' with some friends over. They wrote out a letter and when I called the letter they happened to be standing on they could ice a cookie writing their chosen letter with icing. It turned out wonderfully! We even made our mac and cheese noodles into letters at lunch. It was a grand time! The only thing we forgot was the official birthday song... oh well. I don't think the kids noticed.
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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ch - ears!


My sister was able to come by with her kids and our cousin and spend part of the 4th of July weekend with us. It was nice to see her, although the cockroach that she woke up to on Saturday really didn't start the day off too great. That's another story. Bugs. The kids here are getting the 'hairs' off the corn so we could eat it. It was nice to have a group working together for the feast of the day, and I think they had some fun of their very own. The boys found out what 'bullheads' are, why we don't anger the ants, how big cockroaches in the desert get, and what a monsoon is. Quite an eventful time here in just over a 24 hour period. This picture captures the fun that we had while they were here.
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Happy Father's Day... way late!


So - my dad's Father's day present was really late, but I thought it was a cute idea, so I took a picture of it. It's all the grandkids around the world. All the grandkids love grandpa. He's always so patient, soft-spoken, and willing to stop what he's doing to read a book with them. They love that about him. I love my dad and I'm so glad the girls have been able to get to know him as well as they have. We hope to have many more wonderful memories with him!
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Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hello, This is Brian telling YOU the story Jessica won't.

I took Jessica out for a date (finally) around dinner time. It was a warm evening here in the desert. All the kids were out of sight, out of mind at the babysitters - just the two of us.

I decided to really step up the night and take my sweetheart out to eat. After some (long) discussions trying to find what she wanted to eat, we (she) decided on Wendy's.

A 10 minute drive and we were there. I open the door and walked her inside the establishment for a delicious dinner alone.

We were 2nd in line and decided on what we wanted. Jessica, a salad and .....something. Me, and number 2 with a 5 piece nugget and a large Frosty. Jessica also decided she wanted a Frosty, but she was going to go back up order that later....so she told me.

Most of the family in front of us had sat down and I think the husband was left to order. He had finished, paid and then sat down with his family. We were next.

Jessica orders, followed by me. I pay and the guy starts to get drinks and Frosty's.
BEFORE he comes back, Jessica decides to take a bite of my Frosty when I wasn't looking. When I turned around and noticed her snacking on a SMALL Frosty, I couldn't help it.

The red Frosty cup, not only signaled that it was a small sized Frosty, but oddly enough, looked just like the previous order's small Frosty on the counter that was now.....MIA. What was even more magical, was the fact that the order taker had not yet returned to bring anything from our order.

While my wife knew something was up based on my reaction, it was still unknown to her. I simply told her that I ordered a LARGE Frosty,that was a small and was there when we stepped up to order.

In an instant, she realized what had happened. Her face was beet red when the guy returned to bring MY Frosty, and had a puzzled look on his face when he saw her with a Frosty...so soon.

While she won't blog it......I will.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mixed Blessings...

Being in the RS Presidency is a mixed blessing. I had wanted so badly to be a 'part of the action' before I was called to be 2nd counselor. It was a talk with my mom that made me realize that I can still do so much without being in the Presidency. Right after that - a call to RS was offered. Funny how God works.
Its been a year now, and I've learned so much that I don't think I could have learned any other way. Gospel principles that have truly eternal importance as well as physical importance. I can see how the principle of self reliance is so important - so crucial and basic. It is a fundamentally important building block in our lifestyle yet so many overlook it. Tithing, Repentance, the list goes on. I see sisters come to the ward with bright smiles and willing hands receive so much that the Lord has for them, and sisters whose emotional or mental hurt can be physically felt from across the room. This calling has given me some great epiphanies and also has been very trying at times to think "Why can't we all just get along?" or "Doesn't everyone try to not be offended at all these little things?" What harm a cross word, or look, or even a non-intended deed can do to a strong faithful member. It is truly scary and makes me think about where my own faith is built upon- rock or sand?
The hardest thing that I have seen is sisters whose potential and radiance illuminate the room the minute they walk in- this is just the set up. The sisters have no idea that you can look at them and see Divine Potential reaching beyond the skies. They might not be members, or they might be inactive... but they just don't realize their true potential and where true happiness is. You hope and pray for them. You work with them and encourage them to do their best. However, Satan is a very cunning and wicked man who spins a web of deceit and hate in so many hearts. The sister has one particularly personal tough trial. The deception begins where they feel lost and alone and angry at the world. And although they still think "I'm going to be the best I can" You can see their grasp almost truly seeing this- just loosen from the Rod of our Savior and as the winds blow on them, they step away from the Iron Rod. It is painful. Heart breaking. Now they just, "hope".
It's just a smidge of what our Savior sees every day. Children in broken homes, lacking the basic necessities of life. Women who think they are only worth what the media tells them or what some 'man' says they are worth. Good people making very very poor choices that will have eternal consequences. And I cry, and I can only imagine the amount of tears shed by the Lord for each and every sister. He knows them and me at a much more personal level- seeing all we were called to do before this life and it must crush him beyond imagination when we refuse to use the atonement. To use the tools he has given us on this Earth to make it back to him: scriptures, Visiting Teachers, prayer, temples, etc.
I look at my daughters and just hope beyond hope that I'm doing all I can to help them feel their divine inheritance as Daughters of God. I want them to be the Princesses they want to be. I know they can feel Christs' love even more than I can at times. Chloe calms instantly when speaking of Christ. Eva is a little more spastic but she knows Christ brings happiness.
“Our challenges, including those we create by our own decisions, are part of our test in mortality. Let me assure you that your situation is not beyond the reach of our Savior. Through Him, every struggle can be for our experience and our good (see D&C 122:7). Each temptation we overcome is to strengthen us, not destroy us. The Lord will never allow us to suffer beyond what we can endure (see 1 Corinthians 10:13).” - Robert D Hales.
Let me be His Hands on Earth. Let me feel true compassion for my sisters' souls. Let me not abuse my responsibilities I've been given on this Earth and forever remember to Endure to the End.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

9 mo checkup

Gabriel had his well check today. 18.5# and 29 inches long. He's growing more every day!! The kids were at a friends house while we went to the doctor and it was so nice to just have mommy/Baby time. He is quite a fun little tornado when he knows it's just him. Oh -and yesterday after bites of veggies he's refused for a million times, we started clapping for him. He clapped for himself then, too.
I'm having a hard time officially putting Chloe in homeschool, and not putting Eva into preschool. They are two different birds, to put it lightly.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

9 months... My little Brute.

9 months and he's almost walking, crawling is completely mastered by now as well as pulling up on everything. Shaking. Everything. He's my little "Brute" and I love him. He's destructive, picky with food, and clingy - to me right now- and always watching. He laughs with his sisters and teases them with his binki. He crawls to them when they cry and gives them fives, kisses and hugs for the better. He loves to get into dirt, water, and anything he can watch smush under his little palm. He gives daddy the biggest grin of the day where his eyes almost close behind those big long lashes when he sees him come home, and eats all his food when daddy's doing the sound effects of boy-land. He looks at mom as if to say 'nice try' when she attempts similar sounds. He is shy when strangers say "hi'", ducking his head into his shoulder, or the neck groove above my shoulder whichever he can reach first. He loves to swing at the playground, hates the grass and dirt on his feet, and never sits still. He is my little tornado. My little destructor. My little boy!
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