Thursday, January 31, 2008

Liking Seclusion

I am almost afraid to say it, but I kinda like living out here at times...
It's wonderful to know that your neighbor probably doesn't feel like being nosy because they live out here themselves, and that there is plenty of wildlife - albeit not very friendly wildlife to keep you entertained. It's very serene out here with the mountains surrounding us and at night the Laughlin lights cast a glow over the western mountainside.
I've figured out what we need for two weeks groceries - a task that in Toledo seemed ridiculous - and we've stuck to it. I go into town about 3 days a week - church, play group and groceries maybe, and usually another outing of some type. It's quiet and there aren't cars driving around a lot. Wednesday is usually a day of running from dawn to dusk, and I'm always glad to relax on Thursdays.
Tempting to run to the city or malls - especially Las Vegas because they have almost anything you could need - except an Ikea. And when I compare a 2 hour drive to a 4 1/2 hour drive, it makes a decision much easier to make. In addition, the kids really like to play around the house and get upset when they have to go into town fr running errands.
I can really focus inward on our family and I feel like a better mom when I see how happy and content the kids are just 'being' in the house. An art I'm trying to learn much of the time.

I'm learning to appreciate the smaller and simpler things like the night sky, the sunrise and sunset and all the brown out here is becoming slightly green in my eye. And the area is slowly becoming a safe haven for my family. (that is, until hibernation ends for all reptiles, insects, and creepy crawlies out here)

Monday, January 28, 2008

A Happily Ever After for Everyone!

Yesterday a Prophet of the Lord - President Gordon B. Hinkley - died... or "graduated" as some people might say. I must say it is different being a mother now, and having a prophet die. The last time a prophet died I was getting ready for elementary school when I found out, and it was just news. Now, after many years of learning about the prophet, hearing what his message was, and seeing how happy he was for many years, I have confirmation in my heart that he was finished here on earth. He can see his wife now, whom I am sure he missed dearly, and as my BF said, he is ensured a 'happy ever after'. I like that.
The reaction of LDS are very different than that of the other churches when their leader dies. They are a bit sad, share a few remarks about how wondeful his life was and all that he left us with to be grateful for, and we shed a few tears of loss, but then we all say, "Well, ok." and we almost know who will be the next leader of the Church of Jesus-Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We feel at peace knowing it is not a by chance that the next leader will be chosen, and it is not by man. It is a calling- a heavy one at that - ordained by God. You cant debate that.
My daughter was nervous last night after we told her he died. But, she knows he went to heaven where many of our other loved ones are waiting. She knows she came from heaven before she came to earth, and that when Jesus wants us to return to him, we will... "graduate". But we were so excited to show her that the Lord will tell the Quorum of the 12 apostles, the next prophets name after they fast and pray. And then, it is up to us to sustain him and support him in the new position. I am blessed to have a daughter who learned who the prophet was and recognize him at a glance. I am glad that she shared the love we had for him and that she is willing to share her excitement at the new prophets' name!
The Latter-Day Saints feel secure in what we are doing because God never changes, nor does his rules. Eternity and eternal principles will not and cannot change, and the new prophet will continue the messages that prophets have spoken for thousands of years. There is no room for doubt in the Church. There is no room for fear. The Church - regardless of what is happening within - brings a joyous and happy message for all who are willing to come unto Christ. I have faith in Jesus Christ and immeasurable gratitude for his atonement. I have faith that I will return to him someday and be with my family forever. My primary responsibility in this life is to nurture my family, and knowing it is an eternal unit I am strengthened. I know I am a daughter of God-that he wants me to be happy in this life, and gives me great blessings. I would give my life for this Church if needed, and my decision is unwavering. I know that I can become closer to Jesus Christ better by abiding the Book of Mormons teachings, more than any other book written. It is accurate and sealed inside are many testimonies given by several prophets who lost their lives for what they testified.
I love the song I am a Child of God. Our children know this song, and when they sing it my heart burns with the Spirit of Truth. It sums up many things people have questions about in life. Why we are here, where we came from, where we are going, and what we need to do to be happy in this life and in our "happy ever after." I say all these with my heart full of gratitude for the Love of God in my life, in Jesus' holy and sacred name, amen.

Setting this up, again....

I am so bummed I lost all my old blog information. It just goes to say I dont really get along with the information hub on the internet. I much prefer talking, phone, or letters. However, I understand the convenience of a blog... hence my second attempt.