Friday, December 26, 2008

A History of Merry Christmas's Indeed!

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas, because it is a wonderful thing! I think Christmas's just keep getting better and better now that I'm on my own.
The first Christmas I felt the worst, ever! Sooo guilty, as my new hubby and I were expecting a baby in 3 months, and having recently moved only what our cars could carry, strapped our mattress on our Ford Taurus, and drove back from Phoenix, to Ohio. We kinda jumped in to B's parents house (surprise!) on Christmas Eve or so. We had no money, no gifts, no nothing! Our families somehow made up all this stuff to get for us, and we were given sooooo much. I still feel guilty about that Christmas. We were just glad to be back with family where we weren't in a danger of losing the roof over our heads. That was the last Christmas we had with B's Aunt Patt, or PNana we called her because she was pretty much like his mom's other half. She was battling cancer, and her health had recently been declining in large jumps. I remember Christmas was the best time of the year for her. She started doing crafts and things around July. I miss her Christmas joy, every year. No matter how I try to recreate it, it lacks a lot. My favorite thing fromo this Christmas was the skill I learned through these trials-- praying with a sincere heart and real intent. Prayers have never been just a prayer to me ever again. I needed the Lord a lot that year.
The second Christmas was a bit still and tense as the wonderfully mentioned PNana had just passed away, and I had not passed my massage 2 points. Not passed meant I got a 79 instead of an 81. *sigh still* Anyways, it was an exciting Christmas all at the same time because it was Chloe's first. She definitely loved it... being around 9mo. old. Brian and I had just moved into our own house in downtown Rossford, Ohio. A real fixer upper... lots of stories about that some other time. I think my favorite thing that I got that year... was Victoria Secret slippers and some good smelling perfume (to bring me back from sluggish mom to hot and comfy mom!) I learned this year that I have to tell Brian what to get me.... not just wait and hope for the magical things to appear under the tree. It was memorable for yet another reason--my brother and sisters were all there. It was really fun having everyone together, but it was definitely a different dynamic with everyone's spouses and kids around and one on the way.
The third Christmas was still amazing, because I was balancing life with a new baby- E Rose was almost two months old, and I was adjusting to having two kids. It took a while. Christmas was still a little somber but not too bad. I don't remember anything much except my favorite gift that year was a CD player for the kitchen.. I love it still!! Was it this Christmas or the next?? The Christmas picture was taken when I had gotten everyone ready but myself... a very new mom thing to do so I looked rather hustled and very plain in the pictures that we sent out that year. This was a year I chanced it and bought B one of those DVD burners.
The fourth Christmas Eva had turned one, and I was determined to bring the Christmas spirit into the house by listening to the Christmas music channel in Ohio called the RIVER 101.5, which played holiday music the day of Thanksgiving all the way to Christmas... alllll day long. Eva and Chloe were pooped by the time we celbrated anywhere else that day, and the weather was 60 something and raining. Odd for Ohio at that time of year. My favorite gift that year was a NY and Co gift card - and a cd which had the song, Ride a Cowboy on it. Good song. Loved it! I was able to go to a Glenn Beck show before Christmas, and it made the season very memorable and left an imprint on my soul about the hope of redemption Christ gave us. We celebrated at our house, Brians and my moms for the last time.
The last Christmas we had was fun, but chaotic with life in a new city, state, and environment. Some presents could be opened early and others on the phone, and I was to remember which ones. That terrified me.... My favorite thing was the apron I received... right up there with the little Buddha guys! But I really appreciated going at a slower pace, and not worrying about appearences that day. It was wonderful to not stress about kids, naps, even time!
This Christmas was fun because B's parents were out here, and my Gpop was able to make it out here. It was super fun! My favorite thing was having all the family together while I was working in the background. I love that though. My favorite thing this year was a KitchenAid. I also received an accesory to that now. I imagine it will last me for a good 30 years or so.
That's all the Christmas's until now -- I think they are really getting better and better! Next year Gabriel will be one and it will be amazingly fun! Chloe is getting sooo grown up, wanting girl things now and Eva is following suit.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

OK. All I wanted for Christmas was:

a much appreciated kitchenaid mixer... check
my two beloved sconces...check
family together...check
baby healthy... forgetting staph, check!
kids healthy... hmmm, we'll have to come back later on this one
happy hubby... he thinks there's more to this question than there is, wink wink - oh my!
a nice place to live...check
freedom to worship...check
a smart president...hmmmm, we'll have to come back when the second coming comes
working cars... check
debt free life....*sigh*, I'll have to.... work... on this one :0)
freedom to worship as I please... for the moment, check
a deeper love for the sisters in my ward...check, check!
a positive visiting teaching report...hmmmm.... there's always room for new years resolutions!
a better understanding of Joseph Smith....check
a stronger testimony...check, check!

what more can I ask for? I know there's lots more material things, but taking a step back- things have been really good spiritually for me this year. I can't wait to see what next year brings!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland!

Today it snowed, and snowed, and snowed!! And it's still snowing, and is estimated to continue until tomorrow evening! It's been looming around 30-35 degrees, so there's quite the mixture all over, but here were the first of the snow pictures from this morning. After not even 5 min Eva came back inside and said, "Mom, my hands are cold, and I don't really like that." What a desert bloomer! Here I love how the snow just sat on her angelic but crazy curly hair. Yes, Auntie S she now fits that pink coat and quite well, too!
Here Eva was pushing slush off of the car ... so why were her hands cold? This girl hardly keeps her coat on, her sweater on, or a hat on! I did have to take a trip to Bullhead today to buy some gloves and hats for the kidos. I have nooo idea where they would be if I haven't run into them by now. So, we got a clearence special today! And why is there slush on this car when we have a 2 car garage? It's a pretty common thing out here to use the garage for storage because there are no basements (well, few and far between). My goal is to get one car in.... just waiting on the trash removal by a certain someone I love so very very much... wink, wink. Not like he has anything more pressing on his time... lol.
Chloe is showing off her wonderfully pink jammies, and her unzipped jacket with the most in style pink cowgirl boots out there. Quite the combination, but it was put together quickly for fear of the snow melting! no, no hat or gloves either here, moms.... I know, I know.
Here we are, after the drive the long long drive and after I saw my first snowplows in 2 years! We started with a snowman, but soon a snow ball fight broke out. I have never had one before.. it was really really fun ( of course it is with no ice balls and against toddlers and a hubby)! Notice, mothers, the hats and mittens... We have no snowpants though, a little extreme for desert snow.

Snow in the desert caused today:
Schools to let out at 145pm (early)
Route 93 to close *above Kingman all the way to Las Vegas
Las Vegas flights to cancel and delay (can you imagine the back up with all the flights that leave every hour?)
Slush to soak in our shoes, Fingers and toes to freeze, and wetness that encompasses all that touches the snow.
Ground cover (1.5 in or so I think)
A dirty, muddy, mess! BUT!- it's beautiful and makes me feel even more at home with Kingman. B said this only happens every 20 years or so. Really? How enlightening! He's also heard that the Autozone here gets only 12 ice scrapers a year.... for a city 30 miles wide that's really nothing! There's no sleds at WalMart that I recall, or snow suits... for Heaven's Sakes they have 1/2 the store with short sleeves still! Amen to emergency prepardness!!
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Raising Engineers

Ok. I was raised by an engineer (dad), married an engineer (b) and have somehow spawned an engineer daughter (chloe). EEEK! It is a complication only because my brain is sooo the opposite. I cant even tell you how many hours my dad would spend trying to get me to learn how things worked... the plant he works at, etc.. Even math is a horrible subject for me. So linear, so unfriendly. Don't misundestand. I love Chloe lots and lots and lots, but I can't follow that side of the road. However, I can certainly recognize it.

Background to this story- Chloe teethed on floppy disks, cds and watched her daddy do computer stuff for hours and hours. She can recognize the hard drive, mouse, web address bar, etc.. She helps B take apart cpu's and laptops and put them back together. She understands a lot, needles to say due to her upbringing. *smile* So, what happened this morning was none other than a continuation of it, but it somehow surprised Brian, upset him, and made him proud all at the same time.

Here goes:
Im half conscious and hear:
*knock knock knock*
who is it?
Chloe: Eva, NO! Dont do it!"
Eva: Yes.
*whack followed by the sound of my second daughter letting out a piercing scream*
*no answer*
Me: BRIAN! Something is going on out there! Chloe just hit Eva!
( To my defense for not doing something, I was feeding Gabe at the time)

Brian ushered the girls back to their room to finish sleeping for the night (for a second time), I hear: sudden Chloe screaming
I see: Bran return to our room with his laptop, writing tablet, mouse and keyboard.
Me: Should I ask what happened?

What happened was Chloe, not feeling well and not able to sleep, wanted to watch a movie in her room like I do when I'm not feeling well. So, she took Brians laptop from the kitchen-all hooked up and turned off- and relocated the whole schpeal into her room. Apparently, she had done all this in desire of watching a Jesus movie. Ironic. But, it was too scratched and wouldn't play (so she had it turned on, logged in, and inserted CDs into the DVD ROM), and had put in Pocahontas to watch it instead when Eva went to tattle on her. Interesting.

What's hilarious about this? I can hardly be very angry. She's doing what comes to her naturally, what makes sense, and fixing her own problems. What's bad about that in and of itself? She's being just like her daddy. And he, when he was little was just like this: taking apart his moms computer while she was at work. His defense to that? I was not 4. I was 12. And I'm stilll smiling because what does this event tell me? My daughter pays excellent attention when she wants, and she knows Jesus brings her mind and body peace when she listens to stories or music about him. What's not to be proud about?

After recounting the tale to me Brian says, "I bet that will make the blog, won't it?"

Yes.... it did. *smile*

2 Months

10 1/2 lbs, 23 in, Sleeps 6-8 hours at night, up at 6am no matter what, Lifting head and chest, Flips from stomach to back, Smiles, Coo's, Fights sleeping, Gassy, gassy, gassy! Most alert - mid morning/early afternoon. Belly sleeper.

What a week!

After church, Dec 7th - Little G is two months. My dad came out for his blessing! (Thanks, again Dad) Outdoor pictures were a no because it was sooo cold that day, and very gloomy. I think it was raining that whole night. Brrrr.
The girls gave Grandpa some great looks while he was here! This is Chloe's christmas dress for this year. Eva doesn't really have one this year... unless I missed something. I think I'm losing my mind these days sometimes.
Four generations of righeous men! Four stripling warriors in the fight for truth and righteousness! My grandpop, My hubby holding Little G, and my dad. What great guys! WOW!
A pic of B and dad with little G. He was not very happy for some of these pics. So it goes infant life though...
Relief Society Dinner---
My life has been whirly swirly for the last few weeks and is for the moment at a pause. I successfully (due to much help) held the RS Christmas dinner and boy, it was fun! Lots of work, stress, and calling but I think everyone had a great time, there were some leftovers and it was great for my first hosted event. Our theme was Come Unto Christ, and I had people bring in their nativities to similate the nativity rooms some stakes put on, hoping to bring Christ into the room a little more. We had 16 songs- 13 were special musical numbers, and about 23 scripture readings. My favorite song was truly Michael Mcleans song, I Was Not His Father He was Mine, sung by a man who to me, closely resembles my father in countenance. Both very warm mannered, great with kids, and so full of compassion for others it just eeks from their beings. It gave me chills to hear, and I wished I could've stayed in that moment for a long long time. I think it is because I feel so much that the children in my home, esp. Little G has some incredible tasks to complete in these Latter-Days. I feel so much like a guardian for him--more so than a mom/buddy. I hope I make the big guy up there proud, and I pray that I can have the strength to be the teacher for little G that he needs.

Little G Update---
On that note- The day before the dinner, Little G was diagnosed with staph. Long story, lots of stress was added to my shoulders and I felt like the worst mom in the world--who lets their kid get staph at 2 months? Who lets their kid get staph, period? Never google a medical condition unless you're ready to see lots of really scary pictures and hear lots of uncomforting advice. Ended up calling mom in tears looking for some kind of comfort... felt a little better. End of story is that we caught it pretty early, and he's cleared up and is finishing up his antibiotics soon. One brownie point for doctors and western medicine this time. I think we're even now. ;0)

Dads visit to the desert---
Then, it was getting my house back in working order for the arrival of my dad two days later. We took him to the Hullapai mountains, the infamous Wal Mart, and out to my gpop's house where we got the great 4 generations shot. He even got to see how joy school works... at least my attempt at holding joy school with a screaming infant and kids that would rather be playing than following any type of routine. My favorite thing my dad does is read. He's always reading to the grandkids when they let him, and he seems to get their attention like I wish I could. Pure interest. He read some Christmas tales to the girls and I think at times I was more into the story when they were, because it was so much of my childhood I think. He would always read to us, and he reads to the girls a lot, too. I can't wait until my kids are old enough for the Just So Stories. My dad read those to me and to me, that was what made those longer stories fun and bearable. I appreciate my dad and the contribution he has put toward my own ideal family outline. Eva just watched a short video I took of grandpa reading The 12 days of Christmas and she was saying it along with him where she could. She really misses him, but I have had to tell her that Grandma shared him with us- and she wants him back too. Thanks Grandma for sharing! I hope he felt like we took good care of him. And thanks Grandpa for being in CONTROL and helping us avoid the KAOS. hahaha.
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Pick a Little, Talk a Little,

So "here's the pick a lot, talk a little more!" part.
we had a great Thanksgiving yesterday. The missionaries ended up calling and needing a place to eat at, and I love having sister missionaries. We had plenty of food. We started the day with Macy's parade, onion tears, and a lot of sugary muchies! I had everything planned, and it worked out on time great...except for the turkey. It was kind of a mess. The turkey timer popped before it was done...I'd put too much chicken stock in the pan, not basted it enough, and cooked it at a too high temperature at first drying the top. The popper area wasn't even cooked either.... hmm. I think next time I'll stick to the time idea, not the turkey popper. Most of the turkey cooked though and we were all alright. However, the leftovers were scanty because I was just a little hesitant. The sweet potato pie was great and the first thing Chloe and I dug into. The jello was good, the green bean casserole was a little mushy because I'd been hasty and cooked it the night before. And the apple pie tasted a little fermented. Tossed it. We finished the leftovers tonight of everything but one plastic baggie of turkey. Definitely less than last year, but overall still cheaper than eating out for 6. I felt bad that our little G couldn't taste anything. He slept through the whole thing after being fussy all morning and afternon. After dinner we played thanksgiving Bingo, phoned family, and got the kids tucked in around 10.

And todays plan? The Christmas decorations. What did we get done? The tree. Half of the tree. But, I cannot complain because we were in Bullhead, a warmer region, buying something I've wanted for... I think at least 8 years! *drumroll* ..... A KITCHENAID MIXER!
Ok. I'm very spoiled by my hubby. spoiled rotten, maybe -but, I love it! I told him this morning in a joking way, "I want to be treated like a goddess today!" And he said, "You got it!" What a sweetheart. From the time he woke up to the time he fell asleep with little G on the couch recliner, he was helping me and pampering me. What a day! I had only mentioned this morning right when I'd woken up, "Maybe I could get an early only Christmas present? Well, never mind. It's really..... nevermind. And you know what? He said, " you want a mixer?" So, we got it! I'll have pictures soon. I'm just too tired right now. I feel so loved! Chloe and Eva said, "That's like the machine Ms. Laura had." I am so excited. This thing is better than a Kirby vaccum. It even has an attachment that can grind grain, one that can strain and blend up apples and other soft fruits for baby food, and soooo much more. I know this is a standard in so many homes, but I've finally got my kitchen gadget!! woooohooo!!
now for Brians gift... he's already gotten what I was going to get him, so I'll have to do some serious thinking... there's always the backup, white shirt, tie and socks.. maybe even a new wallet? lol. (I think my dad had like 30 ties by the time we were 18, and lots of white shirts. He always seemed so appreciate though and would wear it the very next Sunday-which was good because my sisters and I would wait like hawks until we saw it on him. I love my daddy!)

What am I thankful for?
- the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the peace I have regardless of world crap going on
- my family, especially the addition of our little 'homie G'
- my husbands job b/c they're becoming rare out there!!
- sunshine and fall weather combined!
- friends to have a ''complaining'' session with, to help keep kids in line
- loving mom and dad
- blogs! to keep me from harassing people
- fleece
- sparkles
-the ability to touch, feel, and taste the 'things' of the seasons!

That's my ten I thought of off hand... off to bed!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My finger....

What Finger Are You?

You Are a Pinky
You are fiercely independent, and possibly downright weird.
A great communicator, you can get along with almost anyone.
You are kind and sympathetic. You support all your friends - and love them for who they are.

You get along well with: The Ring Finger

Stay away from: The Thumb

I find this very funny because my sister is a thumb. We get along just fine though. hm.

Once Upon a Time...

Tonight as B was putting the girls into bed, after a hectic evening and many 'discussions' with our kids, this is the story he put them to bed with.
"Once upon a time there were two little girls. They were so very beautiful. They were so smart because they earned their money and saved it in their piggy banks and left the money in them, in mom and dads room. And they were gonna have sweet dreams. One was going to dream about Meg and ponies and the other was, uh, unicorns. Rainbow colored unicorns. And they were so excited to have their dreams that they went to sleep right away and were so very quiet..." That was all I could hear, but I bet the rest of it was just as good. Can you tell we talked about money and saving?
While I was listening I was snuggling a cozy little baby boy. I thought about how grateful I am for my family, my husband, and how lucky we are to have such healthy wonderful children. I thought about how glad I am that I'm sealed to Brian for eternity- a blessing sometimes forgotten ;0). I thought about our home, and our adventures here in Kingman, and all the fun we've not even had yet. I look forward to those times. And then I thought about Thanksgiving, and all the things I have been given on this earth. I feel rich with love- sometimes more than others it's bursting from our houses 'seams' out here, and I love that feeling!
In my Relief Society meeting tonight the president brought up a few scriptures about peace. The Lord says he brings peace unto the righteous not as the world gives us, but his own kind of peace. Christ is the Prince of Peace, not the author of chaos. If we are doing what we should: food storage, saving money, getting out of debt, obeying the good 'ol 10 commandments, we should be able to feel at peace. And it's true. Here's my story before I go to bed...
"Once there was a family who lived in a city called Kingman. They were a wonderfully happy and righteous family. They were so smart, they followed the prophets' teachings and showed their love for each other very much. One gave the other massages after a long day, another worked for the family all day to provide, another cooked the meals and cared for the children, another wiped tears away and gave a shoulder to cry on... and yet another, though very very small gave the others an opportunity to remember what simple things we should appreciate. We felt so fufilled in our lives, that we showed love not just to ourselves, but to others as well. And this brought them a peacefull feeling in their hearts for the rest of thier lives."

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Wonderful Thing!

For Family Home Evening, we decided to purchase a pre-made gingrebread house that came with all the trimmings and use it for our centerpiece this week and the upcoming weeks. (as long as it lasts-which may not be long with these sneaky fingers) The girls loved decorating it, and the variety of things they did amazed me! Chloe's favorite thing was the gumdrops, although she found that they didn't taste as good as they looked. Eva's favorite thing was putting on the icing.. But I think they both loooved those little balls. That was the first thing to use and the first thing gone. Eva even hid under the table to sneak a few (it's nonstop with these hooligans! This morning it was a half a bag of peanut butter m&m's) Ya.... They have a sweet tooth on 'em alright!

I loved how we had to all work together on this masterpiece. I'm trying to do a lot of teamwork things for us right now. Obviously B wasn't really into the whole thing. He enjoyed watching me try to not be anal retentive about the house not looking like the four different types of houses on the box (which even came with step by step rare is that?) , and the girls become slowly covered with crusty white icing. Eva will still deny that she snuck anything...

TA DA! Here is the masterpiece at the finale. I don't think it will last long. Chloe keeps asking if we can eat it when it's dry. It's hard to tell little kids to not eat these colorful fun looking candies. Notice we made it like our Rossford House as much as we could... The Green painted triangle shaped top section, B drew a crack in the wall on the opposite side, and I even drew our broken gutters. Oh! We don't miss that house at all! It was a good house to start off in, but it's definitely a 'starter home' for us. Our hope is to someday- ok, MY hope is to someday have a house near fam and seasons, and a house away from snow and extreme cold.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

No it's not Halloween anymore...but,

Chloe was down to the last bits of her birthday gifted makeup tray and having run out of the lip gloss, she decided to use the eyeshadow creme as a lipgloss, and a blush, and.... well - face paint practically.... Although after taking this picture watching her apply more makeup, I mentioned "Chloe, be careful ok? It's not meant to be all over your face-paint, yaknow?" (in the most gentle voice I could do) and she immediately got a wet hand towel and started wiping it off with a frown.
" Why are you cleaning it off? You look so serious.... and sad."
" Because you said you don't like it, and it's not supposed to be like paint."
We talked about no matter what our faces look like or what makeup we have in the drawer, the prettiest things on their faces is their smile. I just hope they believe me. I know I didn't believe my parents growing up- they were obligated to tell me I was beautiful.
And Eva only just having turned 3 has not been allowed to apply her own makeup. I was leaning on Chloe's, um, discretion to apply makeup sparingly. Chloe was pretty proud of her creation and her own face...
They certainly looked like some Barbie dolls or somethin', eh?
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A 'footnote' and a Visit from my Gpop!

An addition to my prior post- these are the socks... soooo cute and soo tiny!! Thanks again!

A loving visit from Grandpa Great and Auntie C was all I needed on Thursday to make my day get better. They were the ones that live out in Mohave Valley, where my contractions were picking up with Gabriel. We talked about food storage, his upoming Elk adventure, and Gabriels blessing coming up (which I'm toootaly pysched about!). I shared some more applesauce with them too as they left. They really liked it-- I hope I can make it just like this next year. The girls were so excited to have them finally come to our house for a little while.
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The Girls and their moment with the sports star, Gabriel - defensive linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs!!! They even wore the second bib to keep their clothes clean... I let them help post this and yes, they have done their own makeup...

Thanks Uncle Jeremy!! Little Gabriel is now a Kansas City Chiefs fan, for sure!! lol. Notice the socks were even matching... along with this cute ensemble were two coordinating bibs... how FUN!!! Gabriel just has to watch out for those Steelers!! hahaha. Gosh I looove those baby blues!!
The perfect present for Gabriel--why? Because B and I are such rarely involved with sports-of any kind, that this exposure from Gabe's uncles might prove to be the only exposure he gets! A joke, that might be more truth than fiction, but B & I will give it the old college try. After all, the sports are all the same, pretty much, right? ;0) I've prepurchased a game for him for Christmas that is called Dunk and Cheer. It's a manly game of coordination... Grrrrr!
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Monday, November 10, 2008

One month old 'Little Squeaker!"

I like the serenity he gives off in this pic
True baby... sleeping, sleeping, sleeping
My little boy in the 'hood'

This is full body pic so you can see how long he's getting... at least I think he's getting long.
He smiles when he's gassy, and you can tell he's got dimples like crazy. He flips from his belly to his back and rolls back and forth from side to side. He's got eyes like his daddy- what a hunk-a-munka! He lets me sleep at night for 2-3 hours right now and has just gotten used to sleeping in his bassinet (I brought it out to the main room where the noise is - he's actually slept through me vacuuming right under him in the swing and through my girls' tantrums.) We call him squeaker because he makes lots of squeaks here and there... it's really cute!
Eva's definitely starting to feel the 'middle kid pinch' - I could use any suggestions at all. Time with her alone, and she doesn't know what to do and just misses her sister. She's really needing to feel successful at something though....
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Watch Out Primary Presidency

I was cleaning the kitchen and came into the living room hearing this "I believe the gospel...", etc. Chloe was using her hairdryer as a voice amplifier (it echos) and Eva was taking turns helping Chloe know what to say and then giving the talk herself from the scriptures. I watched for a little bit, grabbed my camera as Chloe said, "Before you leave make sure you give your paper to Sis. Alvey (in the Primary Presidency)." This was right after they were wanting me to pretend to be Sis. Corbett. (they're old primary chorister and now Primary President I think) I had to chuckle because sometimes I wonder if she's paying attention in there. I guess I know she's at least paying attention at the end.
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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thinking Thoughts....

First thought - 'Who's line is that, anyways?'
Ok. So I wonder where kids learn things... by darn- I think my kids actually pay attention to me more than I do myself sometimes! Yesterday, Eva was telling me, "Gabe's just like, chillin' out." And if you know how her voice is just so teeny still, it's crazy hearing that from those lips. Then she says- which she's said before, but the combination of the two sayings has caused me to pause- "I was like freakin' out. Just freakin' out." Wow. Do I say that? Sometimes I think that they watch early 90's flicks all day to learn the lingo but I think they just listen to me. They are my socialization during 90% of the day-and they sure do get told to just "chill out" and to stop "freaking out" - but hearing it back makes me laugh soooo very hard.

Second thought- 'Talk before you act'
Find out the reason kids do crazy things before you jump to conclusions. I think I know all sometimes, because don't we all- but tonight as I 'assigned' Brian to go discipline the girls for shutting their bedroom door (that's a BIG no-no in our house) he walked in and I heard
B -"Who shut the door?"
Chloe- "I was just trying to be brave like you and mommy"
Frog in mouth moment. Dang.
Brian came out smiling ear to ear and bragging that he had gotten a huge smile and hug from Chloe. Sometimes I think he actually realizes just how much Chloe looks up to him - as her knight in shining armor kind of guy. Which brings me to a third thought:

Third Thought- 'It's scary raising these girls. It's scary raising boys... Parenting is risky business'.
If B compliments Chloe on something, she runs to tell me. It doesn't matter if I had just said the same thing. Daddy has now said it, and THAT is what counts. It warms my heart, but kinda stings at the same time to know that she doesn't look at me like that. I know it will bite me in the butt when she's a teen. I did the same thing when I was a teen. *whince* I see now how much B can have an impact on her self esteem, and it's scary because guys don't realize this will pattern her thoughts when she goes out to look for her "other half". But we can give all the self esteem in the world to her, and some idiot out there can undo it all of a sudden. I had a wonderful father, who I looked to for A LOT- might even say I wanted to be the apple of his eye. All to have an idiot take my esteem and crush it. B still deals with my 'baggage', should I say- poor guy. It's scary having little girls. I pray that they will listen to the prophets and be strong enough - strong enough for everything and that my boy will be strong enough to guide and protect his own family someday. We know it will only get rougher out there for our kids.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Technical Error

Smehow I missed this in the last post... Here's a pic of Chloe as Marioposa (up until today she wanted to be a princess - a good thing I waited until the last minute. She loved her outfit.. and I made her a cape / skirt thing like the mariposa doll. For those that saw the bday album, she has been the ONLY one to play with mariposa unless the younger one seees the older one playing with it. Then, it's a cool toy wanted by all.

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This is the first time I've let him sleep tummy down... he slept much better. Not so much reflux; not so many cries interrupting his needed sleep. He slept for about 3 hours like this. Yes, I think he is a tummy sleeper. What a cutie patootie!

Here is Gabriel's outfit - he's a bear. GRRRRR! Ferocious!

I got the idea for a purple under-cape from my OH friend- thanks Laura! I made this today in case they changed what they wanted to be. Eva maintaned her 'mean old witch with a hat' position. Until I made the cape, and she wanted to be a princess. "no." I said. "No changing minds now. You WILL wear this cape tonight. You can be a princess tomorrow." (as she's crying her eyes out). After it was actually made all the way, I put it on and she started screaming " Batman!" and running around the house. She ran around for about 10 min. like this, and I was thinking... 'Batman?' I had no idea she even knew who Batman was, let alone run around and say ''Bat-MAN!" Someday, we might use the cape for Gabe, and he can be Bat-Man.... I suppose purple could be a manly color?

A pic of the two hooligan-o's together. I wish Chloe would've been looking at the camera. The other pic I have makes it look like Chloe is about to punch Eva.
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thanks Nana! (Eva got this for Halloween) Chloe got one as well, but Eva was in charge of those pics and well... I'll post some new ones later.

Only in Kingman do your packages come with dirt for free! This dirt was extra special because it woud not come off the package. I sorta smeared some in the lower left corner, but it was some seriously thick stuff. At least these packages make it to our house in good time. In Valle Vista, the UPS would have to call and get directions after sending like, 2 people out to try and deliver it (another wonderful reason to be a city-slicker)
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Frogs, Pumpkins, and Ballerinas - oh my!

This was a froggie outfit from Aunt Steffie... it was perfect for him that day. He was a scatcha-holic!! There are little froggie heads on the feet- and the caption on the shirt said so hoppy!

We carved pumpkins last night for FHE. Eva had a roarin' good time getting her hands gooey and all the designing really was fun for her. Luckily- I got to work with her and all she wanted was a happy pumpkin... by the time we got to the mouth she wanted an angry pumpkin. It worked though!

Chloe was, as you can see, distanced from the whole thing. Her chair is far away and her hand does NOT touch the pumpkin. She hasn't ever really liked carving pumpkins although she talks like she really loves the whole thing. What she loves is how daddy will scoop out her pumpkin for her and carve the whole thing as she dictates. What a girl, huh? :0) She can't stand the smell, the touch, and isn't even a big fan of pumpkin pie as of yet. She doesn't like witches, ghosts, or anythin slightly spooky. We'll see if things change as the years go on. This year she chose to do a princess ballerina pumpkin. B carved a tiara on the top for her. He is such an awesome daddy!

And this morning, after I got my day started I came out to the living room and saw the girls voodoo-ing thier pumpkins. B and I had left the toothpicks out from last nights creating. I thought it was kinda funny. As the day has worn on they have taken the toothpicks out and put them back in in different places. I think it's a craft for them to do--sorta, so I've left it there. Things will be different once Gabe starts crawling though.
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