Friday, July 25, 2008

10 weeks and counting....

So, I'm about 10 weeks away from bringing baby Gabriel home from the hospital. It will be so exciting, and nerve wrecking all at the same time. The girls are practicing 'having babies' as we speak - popping them out of their shirts. If only it worked just like that. We're watching A Baby Story once in a while, so they won't be afraid of the hospital environment, or for Eva - a new baby look and a tired mommy. Chloe might remember what it was like - she says she does - but Eva is going to have a hard time. She's been my ''baby'' for almost 3 years. *sigh* Chloe's been helping me - really trying - when we have little toddlers over for a while. She finds all they do so amazing and funny. It's good to see enthusiasm for messes and dirty diapers!
I'm trying to get prepared to have everything hit the fan in October - the baby, Eva's birthday and Halloween. I'm so grateful that we moved before October to town. Our lease was originally up the 1st of October. Yikes! I've been freezing chopped meats and stuff to just dump and cook with some sauce and noodles after the baby. We've still got about 70 boxes of Mac and Cheese, plenty of Peanut butter and I've been canning Jelly like it's my JOB! The kids will be in heaven- Plum Jam, apple Jam, Plum-Apple Jam, and I'm going peach-pickin tomorrow. I've been slowly adding to our baby Gabriel wardrobe when I visit Bullhead - where the nearest Target is. I absolutely looove that store! I've decided to do a Precious Moments theme for his nursery. If anyone sees a bumper, mobile or something the like I'd appreciate a comment, for sure! I've got a nice blanket, but I just want a few more little Precious Moments things (not too crazy like night lights, switch plates and everything full fledge Precious Moments).
I've been offered a baby shower, but I just feel like that is too much for us. I know it's a different gender baby and all, but I guess I'd rather just be in the low light on this one. I've been given some really super cute stuff already, and I truly feel Gabriel will have plenty to wear, play with and enjoy.
The Lord has provided everything for us already. I haven't been able to look at this pregnancy at all without seeing what he has helped me through, and done for us as a family. I have a strong testimony in the youth of these Latter-Days. They are truly chosen spirits for this 'latter-day dispensation'.. and have a great work ahead of them to do. They will see the world become the worst it has ever been, and will ever be - at the same time God's work is at its peak. What a marvelous thing! I feel overwhelmed at the responsibility of being their primary nurturer for the most critical years of their lives, but blessed for being given that sacred opportunity. I am grateful to have the opportunity to already have two wonderful spirits in our house - they give us the greatest joy B and I could ever experience. The Lord knows who we are, each of us - has a plan for each of us, and wants us to feel his love in so many ways. Regardless of where we are in life, we are all important in his eyes- and never alone. We are a part of the chosen generation- let's give it all we got!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yes, it rained today... and poured cats and dogs for about 1.5 hours. Lots of thunder and lightening. It was wonderful!
After a little apprenhension, Eva took to the rain like... a frog. Chloe took a little longer to convince, but sure enough, she too, gave up the umbrella and ran crazy up and down the curb... We even went across the street to a circle drive so that they could just be crazy.
After all this splashing, they both ended up cold, very wet, and carrying puddles of their very own inside their little boots. It was so incredibly fun though. I wish it rained like this more often. The weather dropped about 20 degrees, for sure!

Our backyard is just dirt, so that was off limits during the rain today. Our pool and play house almost blew away under the windy circumstances, and Brian accidentally left the car window down during the entire thing (yes, the new car) - sideways rain and all! But, no wiggly, woggly, spooky lookin things were staring us down at our porch like they did at Valle Vista on windy days. Thank heavens for 'city' life!
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Ok - here's to the people who care what I look like at 28 weeks... I couldn't even bear to look at the camera for this pic... I don't know how people take the pregnant pictures of themselves and manage to look so happy? Not a strong point, for me. The baby's getting pretty active now, and the girls are getting more excited every day. Props to all those who can confidently take these kind of pictures!
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The Patriotic Trifle we made - the girls decorated it very maticulously.. finger lickin good though!

The girls at the ward BBQ before fireworks started, and energy was high... see the candy from the pinata they refused to hit? We didn't feel - or I should say I didn't want to keep them from the candy because they did wait in line. They just refused to actually participate in any of the games.
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Saturday, July 5, 2008


I was at the store the other day - surprising, I know - and was looking for a new home warming gift for myself. I thought it appropriate for a patriotic plaque or something. All I could find was patriotic looking things without a patriotic message. I was really upset. These decorations were the cutest things, but had pointless messages; welcome home, home sweet home.
What ever happened to God Bless America! America, the Land of the Free! or something like that? What the hay? Needless to say, I think I'm going to make a few signs of my own for the next big 4th of July. Maybe a big billboard in my yard that reads, "God Bless America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." Then, while I'm at it, I'll send all those people who can't stand America's 'work hard ethics' and just want everything handed to them, to like Guatemala or something: take the people who WANT to be here to be free, and switch them out.
War is war. It's never been pretty. From the beginning of time, with Cain and Able--it's not like God was all-forgiving and just said, "whoops. well, try harder with your other brothers not to kill them, okay?" Book of Mormon wars, Biblical warfare - always stomach turning. We're in war right now, and the most important thing is to keep supporting the people sacrificing out there, and do what we can here to maintain a safe and free country. Not turn the other way because it's an uncomfortable topic, and we dont want to (for goodness sakes) offend anyone! God gave us life, liberty, and has offered us eternal life. It is our responsibility - as with all blessings where much is given much is required - to live righteously and just like the primary song Book of Mormon stories says we'll be, "Given this land, if we live Righteously."
For Heavens sakes, when did people become ashamed to live in America, to say the Pledge of Allegience, and give tribute to Him- who has given us everything we own or could ever have! The most embarassing thing America has to show is the extreme LACK of pride for the country we live in- and I think too much pride from where they CAME from.
There's a song - I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died to give that right to me, and I gladly stand UP next to you and defend her still today, for there aint no doubt I love this land, God Bless the USA!