Monday, October 26, 2009

Snip, Snip!

Today I actually took some scissors to my sons almost mullet. I was trying to push it off, but when the food starts a-stickin' my scissors needed to get a-clippin'! Several screams later and after 15 chocolate chips were eaten-or rather inhaled without much success, I just started grabbing and snipping the best I could. I don't think he'll ever sit still again - but he's just the cutest little squirmy worm! Now hair no longer curls at the nape of his neck.. so he grows up just a little more every day. The girls thought it was really fun to try and distract him, feeding him treats and trying to get him to look the other way. It was a good time for all - except Gabriel, most likely. He's up to a full cup of life cereal in the morning with a sippy cup for breakfast- a full sandwich and some applesauce and then another sippy for lunch- dinner is a guess if he'll eat or not. Seriously, where does it all go?!