Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This Year we had Cleopatra, a lion, and a Tinkerbell. They all loved their costumes. Mostly- Gabe was a little upset, but he was grateful when the cold night descended. Ya, ya, I know - cold was like 60 something. But dang man- it's cold out here when that temp hits and there's no sun.
The kids went up and down the neighborhood street, and then were begging to come home. We've still got about half the candy. Who could ever eat that much anyways???
The girls were bold enough this year to go up on their own, regardless of the spooks along the sidewalk, or scary sounds. I loved it. Their independence is refreshing in moments like this. Brian and I were vampire/vampiress.

(and yes- I've seen New Moon, read the books and am totally geeked about the whole series.)