Thursday, April 15, 2010

By Small and Simple Things...

I hear these words a lot, " I just CANT DO IT!" Whether it's me frazzled at children or weeding, or my kids in frustration about something, they come to mind easily sometimes. Now, those words aren't really allowed in this house as it should more appropriately be stated, " I just WONT DO IT!"

As I was watering the plants the other day, cleaning the floors and doing the dishes, I was thinking how powerful water is as a substance. It does so much for us. It is nutritious and relaxing to listen to, and yet the constant flow of water on a substance wears it right away. Hot, cold- it is a life sustaining necessity. But, it's just a little water here and there really. I've had those sticky spots on pans and silverware that seem to take a lot of water and scrubbing to get it off, but it does come off. If I didn't have that water, some of this dishes I have would surely get tossed given the patience I have for things like dishes.

I thought about this power of water, of the Hoover Dam and the power that the water brings to the area and how it changed this areas economy and industry out in the west. That's amazing to me. But what's even more amazing? The Grand Canyon. I'm sure when it started waaaay up on the top, no one would have ever imagined the power it would have on 'just a little dirt'. Yet the water has gradually worn down all these layers of stone and rock. The deposits are being moved and relocated into another location downstream somewhere. This stream has meant several things to several people in the last several several centuries. Yet it is only one river.

Never underestimate the power of one person... and never say "I CAN'T DO THIS!" We limit ourselves too much! The song comes to mind, "Put your shoulder to the wheel, and push along." We don't know how many people are touched by us, weeds will always need pulling, and the kids will always need tending. A mother's influence is unfathomable. Just like water against the Grand Canyon walls. At least for me...


Penny said...

awesome post!

Ann said...

thanks for the inspiration :)

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