Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thinking Day

Chloe had a little presentation for us to watch Saturday. She is in the local Girl Scout troop and has had a blast! It's been great to watch her get out of her little reclusive shell she'd been in and get to do things she wouldn't have the chance to do normally. In the earlier spring she was able to go see Disney on Ice and roller skate. We joined the troop for the roller skating and she had a rollin-good time. Eva can't wait to be a Girl Scout and they let her participate whenever it is OK.
Chloe was a Fairy who painted Tulips for a lady (a folk tale). She got to read an important fact about England and hers was about the first public zoo.
We had so much fun with this outfit and then she was able to get an 'old' outfit (But seriously I remember my friend wearing this to her Girl Scouts meetings... so it's not THAT old... right? ) It was too cute. We couldn't sport the beenie that it came with due to the bun in the hair for the skit.
She did a great job. She also brought a potato and it's seeds and the girls formed the number 100 while they sang the Girl Scout Song... it was actually a little touching. So sad that it was a family function and only 1/20 of the girls' parents were there. Eva got dressed up to have fun that day too- Great lookin- Daughter's of God. I stuck some flowers in her hair so she looked fairy-ish and springy. She was a great sport and posed like ... a model or something when I took this picture.
Gabriel was a pretty good sport about not wrecking all the displays and screaming his head off all the time. He did sweep the floor for the Girls Scouts, try all the food as well in the cultural food section... many he did not like and the faces he made were humorous! Look at all those teeth! He's currently teething on his bottom i-teeth. He sticks his tongue over the spot and constantly looks like he has something in his mouth. He's getting better at listening to me as I allow him more independence a little here and little there. I love the Girl Scouts for my family!