Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Special... and WHAT!?

We had a movie set to play for our date night this weekend and in my effort to chase Eva to bed, I said, "Hurry and get to bed before you see them kiss. EEWWWWW, GROOOSS!"
She swirled around and looked at me, smiling and replied, "Mom.. it's not gross it's sweet and special. (This is where I think... hmm that's kinda sweet - I'm a good mom- and then she continues) That's how we get married. I've kissed a boy. Sam and I kissed each other."
I said "Are you married now!?"
"No, mom. You're so silly."
Needless to say my mind was a little bit preoccupied during the beginning of the movie. When will she realize every boy has cooties?

Meanwhile Chloe's school has boys chasing her to kiss her, and all the drama of "He said he likes you. He wants to kiss you" etc... OY! She replies, "My dad will come here and beat you up!" At least that's the report that I hear...

When did my girls get interested in kissing and boys???