Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Saturday

Because of the hype of "The Bunny" we decided to leave Sunday sacred and do the fun wild on Saturday. We dyed eggs the night before and after Gabe spilled pink dye all over the table (and after Brian pulled it out of the wood using our miracle liquid gold cleaner) we had dinosaur eggs, monkey eggs and Tinkerbell eggs in a variety of colors.

The Easter Bunny got the girls some fun things which they discovered at 515am and I just so happened to get only about 4 hours of broken sleep that night. Complete cooincidence, I know. I don't know how I missed that silly Easter Bunny. Chloe wrote the Easter Bunny letters and offered her dress up bunny ears, a card from all her siblings and then asked a question. I've taken a pic of the letter and hopefully it will post well.
On Sunday our Easter ham turned out scrumptious (Thanks Safeway) as well as our cheesy potatoes a-la Nana. It was an extra fun thing to make bunny shaped biscuits with the girls. Totally cute and fun!
We watched our church's broadcasts of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday as the kids actually did settle down and listen - especially with the packets I printed out (Thanks, Chloe's favorite thing was learning to be modest and not show off our bodies. That means no tank tops, shorts above the knees or belly revealing clothing. I know that she'll be protected by her angels as she follows the councils of the Prophet in all she does, and it's nice that we both agree on modesty. We'll see if we can keep that up for those nice 'agreeable' teenage years! Eva 'wrote' some words she heard them say several times and was also really good at keeping the noise level down during the talks. We could all feel the Spirit in our home for sure. I really liked just letting Gabe play happily while I was uplifted and not having to worry about him getting into another Sister's purse, or screaming etc. Ah- but we are back to church today and he's doing a little better every week - I think. And here they are together - and mostly looking at the camera.