Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabe's Post

He deserves his own post as he's learned to do so many things this last week. He's stacking, attacking, building and breaking.... Climbing, singing, rolling around - so much!! I survived four days without Brian last week - whew! But I felt he missed just so much so I took all these pictures as Gabe was doing things. He sits on his little doggie chair now, rides instead of pushes his popper around, and from what I can tell he prefers order and cleanliness (fixing all things out of place lately). And I finally got a picture that shows his two bottom teeth. Now to get some pics of the top four that are coming in all once. Poor little man. He likes to wear headbands, purses and pushes strollers around with the girls all day too. I am slowly building a boy toy collection, and dinosaurs are our newest addition. Things are great with Gabe!! I love him so much and appreciate the sweet spirit he brings into our home.